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Blast From the Past: Critical Race Theory is Democrats’ Ploy to Keep Black People Enslaved

Blast From the Past: Critical Race Theory is Democrats’ Ploy to Keep Black People Enslaved

  • If you are a Democrat reading this, particularly one of color, your reaction will most likely be of anger. Such anger is a sure indication that you are currently stuck in bondage.

A poll worker who witnessed fraud first-hand during the 2020 elections paid me a visit on my television broadcast show for a one-on-one chat. When I interviewed my buddy, Daryl Brooks, he spoke to me about how his experience working with Rudy Giuliani during this tumultuous election process in our nation’s history nearly broke him to the bone.

More disturbing, however, was his experience as a black man in Trenton, N.J. where he describes himself and his community as being enslaved by the Democratic Party for decades. He writes a book on his experience growing up in the American ghetto under the authoritarian rule of the liberal party and his experience running for Congress.

The iron grip the Democratic Party has had on the inner cities of America can be partly apparent in the current debacle of the Biden administration’s failure to get people out of the American ghetto while continuing to add to its numbers by its democratic predecessors since world war II. This, along with all of the exponential violence that has consumed American cities since January 2021 demonstrates that nothing has changed. The culmination of the dangerous mindset inducted at the inception of the party along with the equal reaction of its adherents remaining in the vicious cycle of living below the poverty line and mental bondage has perhaps exploded in the 2020 election cycle. 

But, who are the players? Who is to blame, and who is being blamed? Let’s address the origin of the problem with the American ghetto and the role of the leaders of the American left have had in creating it and finally exacerbating it year after year since 1950. To continue to avoid addressing this issue is at best negligible, and at worst deadly. We are approaching a civil war if we don’t reckon with the truth.

‘Let us not suffer from a case of historical amnesia’ should perhaps be the liberal slogan to keep black people tightly locked into a post-slavery enslavement mentality. The Democratic Party is highly adept at dividing Americans based on the color of skin, caste, creed..and blah, blah, blah… by aiding and abetting so-called Critical Race Theory, which is the evil cousin-sister of slavery from the 1900s, and regurgitating the past to the point of vomit. Talk about a blast from the past. The façade of the party, of course, is to play the savior who welcomes all the weary, overburdened victims and their generational pangs into the den – only to keep them locked up forever under their dictatorship of marginalization from the rest of America by dressing in the garb of victimhood.

The left uses the bait of measly, ill-funded, costly government programs as the answer to the crisis of the ghetto. The right uses the appeal of the American Dream via self-development, education, and innovation. Low taxes, deregulation, low barriers to entry, free markets, we know the drill. I encourage Americans to look beyond façade’s and dig deep by looking at historical statistics, facts, and figures. For example, how have Black Americans profited in the last half a century by voting left? What has the party of the minority done for them? 

It has only kept them in slave-like mental bondage that prohibits them from becoming independent from the government by utilizing their God-given skills to innovate and provide for themselves. This type of ‘marginalization politics’ is played so cunningly by the left, that the daily immigrant wouldn’t notice it. It also slips the consciousness of the individual of color who has lived in American since birth; because the strong poster boy on top is usually a black man who has struggled – only to be rescued by Uncle Sam. 

Identity politics of the left is so powerful that it causes the Indian voter to vote for the party that makes a mockery of their social values and berates their loyalty to fiscal conservatism.

The Democratic Party has enslaved its unsuspecting participants into believing government bail-out as the cure (welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, racism, victimhood) to gain votes; and what’s sadder is that the voters buy this ticket – unaware every election cycle. This divide and rule political approach is also responsible for the violence, shootings, and marginalizing of people of color in America. The same stale politics are regurgitated every 4 years. Media brainwashed followers who offer homage to the left.  

If you are a Democrat reading this, particularly one of color, your reaction will most likely be of anger. Friends, such anger is a sure indication that you are currently stuck in bondage. After all, as a general tendency, humans vehemently resist change. If you are rotting away in government bondage believing your past is more powerful than your present, and that there is no way you can rise above and out of the ghetto; you have fallen for the party’s mantra of enslavement. You are still a slave. You have forgotten what the constitution and our founding fathers said.

America must reject the bigotry of racial identity politics to continue to not only be the breadbasket of the world, but to continue as a developed nation. We have arrived at the brink of insanity with individuals now being classified based on the color of their skin to determine their status /rights/reparations in society. Critical race theory is racism in its fullest bloom. The law of attraction states that the more the subject is rehearsed, the larger it grows in power. Critical race theory offers us exactly that – a fresh way to rehearse the pain daily in schools with children to give it nourishment for the next generation. The left has created an identity of pain being black in present-day America due to their troubled past to keep them current in victimhood status — for purposes of stealing the vote. This is a form of government control no different than fascism. All at the cost of society. And evolution.

We must not see people as colored, but as humans as our constitution dictates. We all have equal voting power, and any type of race theory will divide us asunder. Racism is evil; no matter which way they toss the dice. Critical race theory is racist in orientation.

Socialism breeds mediocrity and capitalism produces exceptionalism. Just as a fact-checker, America is still capitalist and we have a constitution that promotes economic liberty, private enterprise, free markets, personal land ownership, and the pursuit of happiness. What is preventing certain groups of racially segregated minorities from prospering? Government marginalization along with a have-not mindset. Socialism, which is attempting to enter the Democratic Party, has had an uncanny spillover effect on the minds of young black men and women, along with certain groups of immigrants such as South Asians.

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Speak to any group of South Asians, and they will categorically tell you with a proud smile that they are Democrats, as if pleasing their forefathers back home. Why? Because the liberals have been adept at convincing uneducated voters such as immigrants and those are generationally enslaved by them that they are the party of equality who represents the pathway to financial freedom. History proves the complete opposite. The South Asian voter is more conservative than Pat Robertson socially in terms of abortion, gay marriages, etc., and endorses private enterprise that the Republican Party stands for. 

However, the iron grip the liberals have on race identity politics persuades these uninformed immigrants to support the left due to fear of loss of identity. It works every time. To be clear, leftism encourages government handouts, the very reason the majority of sane immigrants from India leave the motherland and embrace personal development, growth, enterprise, and financial freedom – which are all bedrock principles of the right. Identity politics of the left is so powerful that it causes the Indian voter to vote for the party that makes a mockery of their social values and berates their loyalty to fiscal conservatism. But that is another story.

I implore people to get educated and drop identity politics as the future of our country is at a dangerous crossroads. Slaves will be slaves until they realize they are slaves. The Republican Party, which freed the slaves, is still advocating for freedom today. The American Dream does not discriminate. The proof of this is that we have had a Black president.

Most slaves under the Democratic Party do not realize they are slaves; until they wake up one day and realize that the American Dream was available to them all along, and they let it pass by. Folks, it’s your destiny, if you don’t control it, someone else will. 

(Top illustration, courtesy Renee Bright/KUER.)

Geeta Chopra is the television host of three leading TV shows at PTN, Sakshi TV, and ManaTV. She is also a public speaker and writer. She graduated with a masters’ degree from the George Washington University.

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  • Unfortunately, much of what you write is true. The worst school districts in America are all in Democrat-controlled cities. The worst poverty of Black Americans is in Democrat-controlled cities. The list goes on……

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