Indian Americans Through the Looking Glass

Kahani is a Hindi term for story. So, American Kahani means American Story.

It is the first of its kind platform where Indian Americans and South Asian Americans congregate to express their views on different facets of their American life.

It is a window into the life and times of the fastest growing ethnic community in the United States, spanning first, second and third generations.

It is a looking glass through which America learns about a community that is culturally distinct as it is diverse, representing myriad religions, customs, traditions, value systems and all of them woven into the American fabric.

Aimed mainly at GenX and Millennials, with a keen eye on the GenZ audiences, American Kahani is also a canvas where the same groups provide their perspectives on the issues, causes, challenges, trials and triumphs of their life in America.

In other words, these groups are both the objects and targets of American Kahani.

American Kahani also contextualizes these perspectives with journalistic reportage, providing news, features and trend stories related to South Asian Americans.


Sunil Adam
Founder, Editor and Publisher

Sunil has been a journalist for over 30 years, and has served in senior positions in several publications in India and the United States, including as Editor-in-Chief of India Abroad.

Bhargavi Kulkarni
Associate Editor
Bhargavi Kulkarni has been a journalist for nearly two decades, working in several Indian American publications, including India Abroad. She specializes in reporting on South Asian American affairs. She has a degree in English literature and French. Bhargavi is also an adventure sport enthusiast.
Anu Ghosh

Anu Ghosh immigrated to the U.S. in 1999. Back in India she was a journalist for the Times of India in Pune for 8 years and a graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Journalism and Communication. In the U.S., she obtained her Masters and PhD. in Communications from The Ohio State University.

Shashikant Warik
Digital Designer

Shashikant is a graphic designer and WordPress administrator who dabbles in all things creative.