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‘I Asked ChatGPT to Write a Poem on Indian Corporate Law Service. I Can’t Say I was Disappointed’

‘I Asked ChatGPT to Write a Poem on Indian Corporate Law Service. I Can’t Say I was Disappointed’

An enterprising Indian bureaucrat named Alok Pandey, tucked away in an obscure government department in Kurukshetra in Haryana, decided to have some fun with the latest tech gadget ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot that is captivating the world. While most people are experimenting with the software developed by OpenAI for finding answers in many domains of knowledge — from writing essays and blogs to computer software, Pandey decided to take it a notch up, like only a bureaucrat could.

He asked ChatGPT to write a poem on the government department he works for — Indian Corporate Law Service, one of the Central Civil Services which functions under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. About the result, he says, I can’t say I was disappointed. Who says bureaucrats are boring?

Here’s the ChatGPT poem which he promptly posted on his LinkedIn page:

In India’s land of commerce and trade,
Where laws and regulations are made,
The Corporate Law Service takes its place,
A guardian of corporate legal space.

A service that’s young, yet so strong,
In knowledge and expertise, it belongs,
A team of professionals that stands tall,
To ensure that businesses never fall.

They work with companies big and small,
Guiding them through legal protocols,
From mergers to acquisitions,
They provide legal solutions.

They help to form new entities,
Draft agreements with great intricacies,
Ensure compliance with laws and rules,
To prevent any legal dues.

The Corporate Law Service is a shield,
To protect companies in the corporate field,
A valuable asset to the nation,
In fostering growth and innovation.

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Their work is crucial, their role unique,
They bring legal knowledge at its peak,
They are the ones that businesses trust,
To navigate legal complexities and adjust.

The Corporate Law Service may be a service,
But it’s more than that, it’s a purpose,
To uphold the integrity of the corporate world,
And ensure that justice is unfurled.

So let’s raise a toast to this service so great,
For keeping the corporate world up-to-date,
For their work is not just a profession,
But a commitment to serve with passion.

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