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Ace or a Double Fault? Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Sparks a Twitter Storm by Mocking Amit Shah’s Comment on Modi

Ace or a Double Fault? Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Sparks a Twitter Storm by Mocking Amit Shah’s Comment on Modi

  • The tweet, her second criticizing the BJP government, went viral within moments of her posting it, with Modi supporters attacking her for commenting on their leader, while the other side hailed the Czech-American for “another Grand Slam.”

A tweet by tennis legend Martina Navratilova mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah has created a buzz on Twitter. The tweet went viral within moments of her posting it, with Modi supporters calling her out for commenting on their favorite leader, while the other side hailed the Czech-American for her comment. 

Sharing a story from Hindustan Times, about Shah’s comment that Modi was “not a dictator” but rather the “most democratic leader” India had ever seen, Navratilova wrote: “And for my next joke.”

No sooner than the tweet was posted, the social media platform erupted. Many hailed Navratilova for delivering “a solid punch,” “another grand slam,” and a “championship point.” Sankarshan Thakur, Delhi-based national affairs editor of The Telegraph tweeted; “Well, well. She seldom spared a clever lob her rasping smash. Great to see the peerless champ has lost none of her blistering form.”

Many made fun of the Modi supporters, and their ignorance. “Aced it Champ,” tweeted Salman Khan, a political consultant, data cruncher, and campaign manager. “Bhakts time to google Martina Navratilova + Muslim + Taliban + Italy Connection + Toolkit + Pakistan + Jihadists.” 

A user named Nina tweeted: “After Martina Navratilova’s tweet targeting Modi & Shah, I’m now fully expecting the Bhakt brigade to cheaply target Navratilova’s sexual orientation. Because Sanghis cannot fight on the platform of logic, so they hit below the belt.”

Some speculated about the extent to which this issue could escalate. “Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova called it a joke, when Amit Shah termed Modi as the most Democratic leader. Bhakts will Boycott Navratri now,” a user named Veer Sorry Worker wrote. 

Another user named Joy, in a tweet, said: “Feeling very Sad for Martina Hingis. Bhakts will troll her for what Martina Navratilova implied about Narendra Modi

Knowing their literacy levels even Martin Scorsese and George R Martin won’t be spared.

“You’re giving bhakts way too much credit,” warned Nitin Malhotra. “The top trend soon will be #BoycottMartini

Modi supporters chimed in as well. “Picture is what is painted by the media and PR both for and against, that’s the point of relevance,” tweeted a user named Doordarsh. “Modi haters are going gaga about Navratilova saying XX, but it doesn’t change anything in reality, not even an extra vote against Modi.”

Another user went to the extent of pointing out the Hindu origins of Navratilova’s name. “Your name Martina is derived from Maruti which is another name of hindu god Hanuman. Your Surname Navratilova is derived from Navratri which we Hindus celebrate for 9 days. Being a Hindu you are Joking about hindu king Modi ji is pathetic. Grow up Martina.”

However, this is not the first time that the tennis legend has tweeted about Modi. She has in the past taken to the social media platform to call out the Trump-Modi bonhomie, and criticize Assam’s NRC exercise, and the Indian government’s stand on JNU. 

“When it comes to believing the media as a whole or Modi I will take the media as a whole, thank you,” she tweeted on April 13, 2020. “COVID is real. No need to exaggerate it…”

As a follow up to that tweet, she wrote: “Not sure why you are trying to say this here but the truth is that the people in power, like Modi and like trump, are trying to stifle the truth as much as possible, if that truth doesn’t suit their political purpose. So there is that…. So I stand by that post, thank you.”

It appears that Navratilova first tweeted about Modi following the enactment of the National Registry of Citizens in Assam in 2019. “4 Million Indian Citizens Could Be Made Stateless Tomorrow,” she tweeted. “Here’s What to Know – TIME- sounds familiar? Modi and trump- if not the same school, certainly the same school of thought. Ridiculous…”

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