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New Jersey Toddler Accidentally Orders $2,000 Worth Furniture Online While Playing on Mother’s Phone

New Jersey Toddler Accidentally Orders $2,000 Worth Furniture Online While Playing on Mother’s Phone

  • 22-month-old Ayaansh Kumar checked out from Walmart website cart his mother Madhu Kumar had created while browsing for furniture and household items for their new home.

New Jersey residents Pramod and Madhu Kumar were in for a surprise when furniture they hadn’t ordered kept getting delivered at their new home in Monmouth Junction. When their older kids denied ordering it as well, they traced the purchase to their 22-month-old son Ayaansh.

One of the days, while playing on his mother’s phone, the toddler managed to order around $2,000 worth of furniture online including accent chairs and flower stands. His mother had placed items in cart on the Walmart website on her phone but had never ordered them.

Among the packages delivered, there were duplicate orders of some household items and some of them barely fit through the front door, NBC New York reported.

Since he was born in April 2020, the youngest Kumar has watched his two older siblings and his parents work and shop online from home. He even displayed his internet savvy skills to an NBC New York reporter, closing the calendar app of her phone, sending an email to the reporter’s mother and then searching through the contacts.

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The family is amused at their youngest member’s deed. “He’s so little, he’s so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all this stuff,” Madhu Kumar told NBC. She said they are planning to wait until all the boxes arrive and then return the items to their local Walmart, which assured them that they will receive a full refund. But they may keep a couple of things, to remind them of their toddler’s first online shopping spree.

However, they are going to implement one change. Put tougher passwords on their devices and remove any credit card information to prevent this from happening again.

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