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Move Over Marie Kondo. Meet Interior Decorator Fariha Nasir Who Will Redesign Your Home, Not Just Closet

Move Over Marie Kondo. Meet Interior Decorator Fariha Nasir Who Will Redesign Your Home, Not Just Closet

  • A reality series based on the Pakistani American's work is now streaming on HBO Max.

Move over Marie Kondo. America needs more than a closet organizer. Meet Fariha Nasir, Houston-based, self-taught interior decorator and DIY enthusiast, who will organize your entire room, if not the home.

Nasir is the phenom behind the popular home décor and DIY blog “Pennies for a Fortune,” taking readers on a journey, exploring some of her favorite things and revealing the latest updates to her 3,400-square-foot home located in a suburb of Houston,” according to HGTV.

Her blog has become the go-to destination for the DIY community.
She started her “Pennies” blog to share her budget-friendly DIY projects with her friends and family. According to, “she quickly learned that more than just her loved ones were interested in her home renovation journey, and she’s since attracted a large community of design and DIY lovers.”

“The best part of my job is hearing that I inspired other people to try their own DIY projects,” Nasir is quoted as saying. “Especially women from South Asia because that’s where I’m originally from and DIY is not a thing back home.” It is only natural that she seamlessly combines her rich cultural heritage with contemporary design elements, resulting in stunning and culturally diverse spaces.

Nasir was born and raised in Pakistan and has a background in fine art with a keen eye for rich textiles. Talking to House Digest, she says when she bought their house it was a builder-grade house.

“I had never worked with power tools before. I did not know what I was doing, but I saw other women DIYing and using power tools on Instagram and social media in general. I knew I wanted a beautiful custom home, but I didn’t have the budget to hire out all these projects, so I decided to take things into my own hands. I taught myself how to use power tools [and] do simple projects around the house to get that high-end designer look that cost a lot of money.”

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In just two years, Nasir has turned the builder-grade home that she shares with her husband Hassaan and five-year-old son, Zaki, into a cozy family-friendly space. That’s how her journey began, HGTV reported.

Magnolia Network has a series on her work, “Problem Spaces,” which is now being streamed on HBO Max.

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