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Indian American Mathematician’s Body Found Floating in Hudson River in Manhattan

Indian American Mathematician’s Body Found Floating in Hudson River in Manhattan

  • 32-year-old Shuvro Biswas was depressed and was having issues with the management of the building where he rented an apartment; police have ruled out signs of foul play.

The body of an Indian American mathematician working with cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence was discovered floating in the Hudson river in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan early this week. Shuvro Biswas, 32, who grew up in the Bronx and lived in Manhattan, was reportedly having issues with the management of the Hudson Yards building where he rented an apartment. Police say there were no signs of foul play. A medical examiner set to determine how the ‘brilliant’ mathematician, who grew up in the Bronx, died. 

His brother Biprojit Biswas told the media that Shuvro Biswas was suffering from depression after breaking up with his girlfriend. “He had a girlfriend and they had a bad breakup, but I don’t want to say that was the cause of everything,” he told The New York Post. “He didn’t really like to share much. He’s a private person.’ Biprojit Biswas further told the Post that he and his family were extremely sad by the news of his brother’s death. He said his family tried to get him to  get help as he battled apparent mental illness, but in vain. His brother’s behavior started getting more and more erratic in the year leading up to his death, Biprojit Biswas said. 

Shuvro Biswas also ran into trouble with the management of the building where he was renting an apartment on West 37th Street. In February, the management of the building took him to court to try and evict him. 

Describing him as “a ticking time bomb,” in a court filing, they alleged that just months into the lease, Shuvro Biswas has “engaged in numerous incidents of escalating, offensive nuisance-type conduct that threatens the lives, health, safety and well-being of building staff, building residents and Building property,” according to the Post. The filing claimed that Biswas had intentionally set a mattress on fire in his unit — while leaving an open propane tank in the apartment, openly brandishing a knife and smearing blood inside the elevator. He also allegedly illegally installed surveillance cameras and an alarm system, scattered bullets throughout the building and filed multiple false reports of intruders with the police.

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Biprojit Biswas told the Post that his brother is “a really good guy. He’s brilliant.” He said Shuvro Biswas went to Bronx High School of Science and then went on to study applied mathematics. “We’re still not sure where things went wrong.” Biprojit Biswas said his brother self-employed and most recently working on a cryptocurrency security program.

Shuvro Biswas’ LinkedIn profile and Facebook page has been discontinued. 

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