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Former Colorado State Rep. Janak Joshi Loses Congressional Bid From State’s 8th District in Republican Primary

Former Colorado State Rep. Janak Joshi Loses Congressional Bid From State’s 8th District in Republican Primary

  • The Indian American retired physician and longtime community activist was defeated by State Rep. Gabe Evans by a wide margin.

Former Colorado State Rep. Janak Joshi handily lost his Congressional bid from Colorado’s 8th District in yesterday’s Republican primary. The retired physician and longtime community activist received 22.4 percent of the votes, compared to State Rep. Gabe Evans’ 77.6 percent, according to The New York Times. 

The Denver Post noted that “the primary between the two men saw diverging endorsements from key Republicans.” Trump endorsed Evans, and the Colorado Republican Party — run by Trump supporter Dave Williams — backed Joshi “as part of the party’s break from primary neutrality,” the report added.

The 8th District is Colorado’s “newest congressional seat, drawn in 2022 through the state’s redistricting process,” the publication said. It covers a large portion of north-central Colorado, from Thornton and Brighton up to Greeley and west to Berthoud and the edges of Loveland. “When it was created, the district had the closest partisan margin — a slight Democratic lean — of any congressional seat in the state,” the report added. 

Joshi, a retired physician, who practiced in Colorado Springs for three decades, specializes in internal medicine, nephrology, and occupational medicine. He also owns medical clinic and dialysis centers in the state. He represented District 16 at the Colorado State House from 2013 to 2017. Before that he served a two-year term in the District 14 seat.

On his website Joshi pointed to his conservative record as a three-term Colorado State Representative to demonstrate why he would be the best leader for the state. “As a career physician and a conservative grassroots Republican leader, I have always put the well-being of others ahead of myself because I know that is what leadership should be all about,” he said. 

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He cited the top rankings he’s received from limited government, pro-small business, pro-life, and pro-2n Amendment watchdog groups. “I’m the only candidate in this race with a proven conservative record to show that actions speak louder than mere words,” he said. “We already have too many say-anything politicians that voters can’t trust. To win this primary and general election, we need a citizen-focused, conservative leader who fights for every-day Americans and not the corrupt insiders who are ruining our country.”

Joshi has a M.D. from Gujarat University, and a Masters in Business and Health Care Administration from the University of Northern Colorado.  He is married to Anju Joshi for 40 years. The couple has two adult daughters.

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