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A Nanny for Ramaswamys: Republican Presidential Hopeful Wiling to Pay Over $100,000 for Nanny for Two Young Sons

A Nanny for Ramaswamys: Republican Presidential Hopeful Wiling to Pay Over $100,000 for Nanny for Two Young Sons

  • In an ad posted on a niche job board, the Indian American is seeking “a motivated and skilled” professional “with an educational background to become an integral part of their household.

Eight months into his presidential bid, Vivek Ramaswamy is basking in the limelight and campaigning in full force. The Indian American entrepreneur currently sits in fourth place nationally in the latest poll released by 538.

With his busy schedule, and that of his wife, Apoorva, an otolaryngologist and assistant professor at Ohio State University, the billionaire candidate is seeking a nanny for his two young sons — 3.5 years old and 1 year old. And he’s willing to shell top dollars for the right candidate — a whopping “$100,000 or more” — according to Insider, a New York City-based multinational financial and business news website. 

The job ad, likely posted by Ramaswamy on, described by Insider as “a staffing website that caters to hyperwealthy families,” seeks round-the-clock care for two young boys. It describes the family as “a dynamic family, based in the suburban area of Columbus, Ohio,” who is “seeking an experienced ROTA Nanny to play a pivotal role in their household.” Noting that “curiosity, adventure, and constant motion define the family’s lifestyle, the ad mentions the “regular occurrence” of “family travels, often via private flights.” The household is always  “bustling” with “a dedicated team including a chef, nannies, a housekeeper, and private security,” the ad says, adding that “the family operates on a rota schedule that ensures one week on and one week off for their team, fostering an organized and harmonious household.”

However lucrative the job may appear, Insider has a warning for the applicants. “Anyone who takes a job as Ramaswamy’s nanny may be in for a stressful ride,” the website notes, referring to a previous report about the former pharma and finance businessman being “finicky and paranoid, and treat staff more like servants than workers.” The Sept. 15 report quotes seven employees at Roivant Sciences and Strive Asset Management, two companies he founded, who said their former boss’ “self-assuredness” seen on the campaign trail, “comes with an entitled edge in private.” Although he “takes pains on the campaign trail to come across as salt of the earth,” a person who worked closely with Ramaswamy told Insider that he “thinks people are put on this earth to serve him.”

Some talked about his quirks and how they had to follow an “often bizarre laundry list of rules and procedures to suit his every need.” Some of them include” a relentless fixation on temperature”; his insistence on booking “backup flights, and backups to the backups, and a handful of backup hotel rooms”; and his need to have his takeout food platted and handed to him with a napkin.

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His campaign spokesperson Tricia McLaughlin denied the charges against her boss. “Curious you find this newsworthy,” she told Insider. They “eat takeout every day on the campaign trail,” she told Insider, adding that “Ramaswamy serves himself and others.” 

(Top photo, Vivek Ramaswamy, Facebook)

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