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Energy Medicine: Alternative ‘Ars Medicina’ Which Comes to the Rescue Where Medical Science Fails

Energy Medicine: Alternative ‘Ars Medicina’ Which Comes to the Rescue Where Medical Science Fails

  • Therapists practicing energy medicine can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.

The word “medicine” is derived from the Latin expression ars medicina, which means “the art of healing.” It is a science of diagnosis, healing, and prevention of diseases in human beings. In today’s world, we move at a pace that is racing to keep up with the speed of our thoughts. These thoughts drive the human body, and energy medicine recognizes the power of both our thoughts and this world, thus revolutionizing healing via energy. 

This method of healing is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It is one of the mind-body practices that include a diverse group of techniques taught by trained practitioners. These procedures are proven to deal with health problems that conventional medicine can’t seem to fix and bring renewed stamina to a tired body and fresh vitality to a weary mind. It counteracts a sagging attitude by helping to eliminate stress and reduce anxiety, which helps remove the toxins that could eventually turn into different diseases. Each cell in the human body emits and responds to the electrochemical signals and allows us to breathe while regulating our body functions to keep us safe from any foreign microbe. Still, the mind is ultra-sensitive and tends to register everything that is happening to us, big and small. The energy body logs every incident and the feeling within our bodies. These unexpressed and unconscious emotions cause energy. 

Clients often seek help with stress, sleep, anxiety, headaches, pain, physical ailments, emotional trauma, hormones, transitions, grief, or feeling stuck or scattered. 

Here are some of the benefits of energy medicine: increased self-awareness, feeling grounded, boosted immune system, mental clarity, emotional stability, increased well-being and vitality, pain relief, improved sleep, decreased stress, reduced anxiety, release tension and improved coordination & memory.

Energy healing includes various therapies, including Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Qi gong, and many more.  The above techniques are all about energy balance and energy flow within a body and manifest as heat, tingling, or even cooling sensations.

Reiki is one of the most widely used forms of energy medicine. Another one is Healing Touch. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, and when split up. It means ‘Life force Energy from the Higher Power.’

What is it Used for?

Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation besides promoting healing. It is a lay on hands technique used by Reiki practitioners where energy is transmitted to a person who is stressed out either physically or mentally. Awareness about it will help the person “feel” the energy flow through him. Reiki is not any religion and has no dogma. The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui introduced it in 1914 since he wanted all humans to live and act in a way that helps maintain peace and harmony amongst them. Reiki is the flow of energy that helps accentuate a being. Ideally, a practitioner balances the seven chakras of the patient, which eventually starts the body’s regular metabolism and finally be disease-free. 

Is Reiki Effective?

Reiki is energy dependent. If the person receiving Reiki is open-minded, he will receive it and see the difference in his well-being…emotionally and pPhysically. However, if the person receiving Reiki has blocked himself and is rigid, then he will not experience anything at all. The effect lies in the receiver. It’s like a magical pill whose potency lies in the receiver.  There are various testimonials of people who are open to receiving this energy and have felt a difference in their lives…emotionally or physically.

See Also

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is another modality of energy medicine. However, it was developed by Janet Mentgen in the late 1980s. Mentgen recognized the importance of energy and the healing properties of touch through her work as a nurse, and she formally created Healing Touch as an energy medicine program in 1989. 

Many hospitals in the Bay Area support Healing Touch Therapies since Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that helps heal physical, emotional, and mental levels. Practitioners use gentle techniques to balance, clear, and energize the human energy field so that an individual’s immune system can better support self-healing. It complements traditional cancer therapy and can support a reduction of anxiety, depression, fatigue and nausea, lymphedema, and neuropathy.  Healing Touch providers can connect with clients via video or phone for sessions. Some hospitals, such as Stanford Cancer Hospital, Dignity Health, offer free healing sessions for chemotherapy patients. 

Therapists practicing energy medicine have claimed that they have succeeded where medical science failed. Science has no boundaries, and alternative medicine has proven that living beings have a unique property that gives them an exceptional quality called life. Belief in the existence of a living force is ancient, and many names are given to this existence. It is called Prana in Hinduism, Chi by the Chinese, and Ki by the Japanese. This energy is said to constitute the source of life that is associated with soul and intelligence. 

Try this energy medicine…chances are that you’ll enjoy it, especially since it has no side effects. 

Ruchira Khanna is a self-published author, a Reiki Master, and a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She can be reached at:

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