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Equivocal Contradictions: Our Reaction to Adversity is Within Our Control

Equivocal Contradictions: Our Reaction to Adversity is Within Our Control

  • A poetic way to show that the fruits of resilience may take time but will be well worth the wait.

The following poetic trilogy explores how we as humans observe, internalize, and grow from adversity. “Obstacle” showcases the lament of an individual faced with hardship and a change in perspective which helps them overcome this challenge. “Equivocal Contradictions” reveals how our reaction to adversity is within our control. Sometimes we perceive our hardships as caused by the external world when these challenges are often self-induced. “Anyways” delivers much needed inspiration during a dire time. The poem succinctly describes that the fruits of resilience may take time but will be well worth the wait. 


When I envision my future,
you’re in the way,
Blocking my tomorrow, 
You’re here today,

In the way of my dreams,
You only hinder it seems,
And I fail to achieve,
Only loss I receive,

Everything I have strived,
to do in my life,
You’ve stolen my success,
and imparted strife,

But in every obstacle, maybe,
A path forward there may be,
What hinders actually heals,
What blocks in reality reveals,

When I envision my future,
You are the way,
Embarking on tomorrow,
You are my today.

Equivocal Contradictions

You are the heartache,
You are the cure,
You pollute my world,
You make it pure,

You add the salt,
You are flavorless too,
You find my faults,
You mend them anew,

You temper my anger,
You test it time again,
You wage war within me,
You let me win,

You cause my tears,
You wipe them away,
You understand my thoughts,
You confuse me every day,

You push my buttons,
You push my limits,
You push me to the edge,
You pull my solace from it,

You are my death,
You make me reborn,
You are me, in fact,
because in two I’m torn.

Equivocal contradictions
are my insanity in spite of me,
You never existed,
yet this turmoil is inside of me.

I am the heartache,
I am the cure,
I pollute my world,
I make it pure.


The world may not be ready, 
In your ideals remain steady, 
Persist anyways.

Your kindness will face push back,
By generosity people are taken aback,
Give anyways.

Your friends may not be forever,
Invest wholeheartedly however,
Trust anyways.

The easy path always audibly shouts,
The path less trodden whispers out,
Tread anyways.

Their mistakes will often haunt,
Unforgettable memories will flaunt,
Forgive anyways.

See Also

In your hobbies, they’ll criticize your abilities,
But passions aren’t built on capability,
Try anyways.

Family never confides their pain,
They repeat scarred falsities again,
Listen anyways.

That promotion, that raise, may never come,
Opportunities seem few that you grow from,
Grow anyways.

Thankless the community may seem,
The time and effort you invest go unseen,
Help anyways.

Society will try to change you, 
force you into molds, and rearrange you,
Rebel anyways.

Death is truly inevitable, yes,
Sometimes the only escape from this mess.
Live anyways.

You may never get loved,
In the same way you love.
Love anyways.

Be the mentor you never had.
Be the reason a kindred soul is glad.
Be always.

Shruti Iyer thrives at the intersection of dualities: Indian-American, artistic engineer and spiritual atheist. She is a medical device engineer, musician, poet, and stand-up comedian from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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