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The Story of Velveteen Cat: When the Fairy Whispered ‘You Should Go, the Little Girl Will Be Waiting For You’

The Story of Velveteen Cat: When the Fairy Whispered ‘You Should Go, the Little Girl Will Be Waiting For You’

Once upon a time, there was a Velveteen Cat made from soft fur with ears full of pink satin. When she was given to a little girl named Myra on a wonderful Christmas morning, the girl thought it was an interesting present. 

At first, Myra would put several soft blankets on top of the cat beneath all the other toys, play with her at times, and put her back in the toy chest. On New Year’s Eve, the Velveteen Cat heard all the other toys talking about being real. She waited for herself to be picked up and played with, but Myra was busy celebrating the New Year with family and friends. 

Once Myra was out of sight the Velveteen Cat murmured to herself “What is being real?” The puppy overheard what the cat was saying and then replied, “It is what you become when a child loves you.” I was made real when Myra’s sister started to love me. It certainly takes a long time, but it is worth it, said the blushing puppy. “How will you know when the child loves you?” asked the cat. “You will know a child loves you when your delicate fur is shabby and dirty,” said the puppy. 

Illustrations by Akshara Mangaraj.

One night when Myra’s nanny tucked her into bed, she couldn’t find her any toy. So, her nanny grabbed the Velveteen Cat by its tail and said, “Such a fuss about one toy.” Then the girl shouted with disagreement “The CAT is REAL!” The moment the cat heard those words, she was extremely delighted. From that night on the cat slept with happiness. Myra carried the cat to her tea parties in the garden and took her along to all her playdates. 

Unfortunately, one day when Myra and the Velveteen Cat went for a picnic, she left the cat behind. Suddenly two fluffy wild cats came up to the Velveteen cat and said,” Come and play with us.” The Velveteen Cat replied “I don’t want to” because she couldn’t move. One of the wild cats came forward and brushed against the Velveteen Cat’s tail. Then the second cat licked the Velveteen Cat’s fur and jumped on a tree. “She doesn’t smell like a cat.” The wildcat cried “She is not a real cat.” Then the wildcats scampered away. “Please come back, Myra.” The Velveteen Cat cried for help and felt very lonely. An hour later Myra came back looking for her Velveteen Cat in tears and cuddled her close to her and took her home. The Velveteen cat thanked God for bringing her back to Myra. 

Days passed and one day Myra fell ill. Her mother was so worried, and she was unable to figure out how to make the little girl feel better. The Velveteen Cat was also feeling very sad as her loving friend and caretaker, Myra was sick for so long. Her mother called the doctor and the doctor arrived in a few minutes. After giving her the medication, the mother looked around the bed to find a toy for the little angel to cuddle up and rest but took no notice of the Velveteen Cat. The Velveteen Cat was licked by wild cats. Myra had gotten sick with allergies due to the wild cat’s fur left on the Velveteen Cat’s body. Velveteen Cat felt miserable for being the reason for Myra’s sickness. With care and rest eventually, Myra got better day by day. 

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After almost a month, on a cheerful sunny day, the mother consulted the doctor and decided to take the little girl to the beach. “Yes!” exclaimed the cat but instead was dropped into a sack, ready to be put on a bonfire. The cat wondered why she was being put into a bonfire and a real tear tickled down the cat’s shabby cheek. Then a giant miracle happened “A tiny flower sprouted out of the ground and out came a fairy when the breathtaking, bright petals opened “Little cat’’ she said, “I am the Toy Fairy. When toys are broken and old, I take them with me and make them real.” “I was never real and can never be real, “said the cat with a sad and grimed face. “You will be real to everyone,’’ the fairy smiled. 

The fairy caught hold of the Velveteen Cat and flew with her into the mystical woods. With a wave of her magical wand, the Velveteen Cat floated up into the air. All of a sudden, the cat’s nose turned rosy pink and started to sniff the fresh air, and her shabby fur transformed into ginger brown. Then her shiny black eyes blinked. ‘’You should go, the little girl will be waiting for you.” whispered the fairy. In the end, she was real! 

Akshara Mangaraj is a third grader from Fremont, California. She is a budding poet, painter, and Odissi dancer.

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