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6-year-old Indian American Girl Kiara Kaur Becomes Youngest Speaker to Address World Expo in Dubai

6-year-old Indian American Girl Kiara Kaur Becomes Youngest Speaker to Address World Expo in Dubai

  • Last year she became the world's youngest TEDx speaker and set the record for reading continuously for a little under two hours.

A six-year-old Indian American girl was recognized by the World Book of Records in London for becoming the youngest keynote speaker to address the World Expo in Dubai in March. Kiara Kaur, who lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), gave a speech titled “Small Changes, Big Difference” at the event.

Earlier, the first-grader spoke at the International Women’s Week celebrations at the Mexico Pavilion. Her speech focused on women’s empowerment. Kaur told NDTV that she peeped for her speech by speaking to her grandmother, Commander Dr. Rita Bhatra, who had served in the Border Security Force for 40 years. “Women empowerment lies in equal opportunity for young girls in education, rights, health, decision making, wages and professional opportunities,” she said.

Last year, she became the world’s youngest TEDx speaker after she addressed a TEDx meet organized in Maharashtra on Nov. 14, Children’s Day. Kaur released her first book “Dairy of a 5-Year-Old Genius Chatterbox Who Set World Records,” which “chronicles her journey in her own words,” her mother, Dr. Little Mahendra, a dean at a Dental College, told NDTV. “It took seven months and I merely typed as she shared.”

In February 2021, the child prodigy read 36 books non-stop for 105 minutes, making her foray into the World Book of Records in London and Asia Book of Records for her remarkable feat. This means that she read continuously for a little under two hours.

The World Book of Records in London certified Kaur “for having the specific ability to read non-stop 36 books in 105 minutes at the age of 4 years on 13th February.” The Asia Book of Records has also acknowledged that she “set a record for reading the maximum number of books nonstop.”

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Mahendra told NDTV that Kaur’s grandfather, Lt Colonel MP Singh, nurtured her interest in reading.

Born in America to parents who hail from Chennai, Kaur, at a very young age, became an avid bibliophile. Her passion for reading was spotted by one of her teachers at a nursery school in Abu Dhabi that she attended for a few months last year before it shut down due to the lockdown. Her nursery teacher spotted her reading diligently in the school’s small library and recognized her passion.

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