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Indian Americans Across the Country Express Solidarity With Farmers Protesting India’s New Agriculture Laws

Indian Americans Across the Country Express Solidarity With Farmers Protesting India’s New Agriculture Laws

Washington, D.C. 

Photo above, Sikh American community show support for the farmers protesting in India. Hundreds of Sikhs from Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, participated in the rally. “No Farmers, No Food” and “Save the farmers” were the commonly-sighted posters at these peaceful protest rallies.

New York, New York:

Hundreds of Sikh Americans, in support of farmers in India who are fighting against new pro-market agricultural policies, brought traffic to a halt on Third Avenue and East 23rd Street. The convoy of automobiles, filled with passengers hanging outside car windows and through sun roofs, holding slogans that read “No Farmers, No Food!” To match the farmers on tractors blockading the streets of India’s capital, New Delhi, the protestors, bringing awareness of this issue to New Yorkers, drove their cars along the city streets, blocking traffic up Third Avenue. The group rallied at the Consulate General of India in New York on the Upper East Side to demand the consulates help to reverse the laws. Many of the protesters who still own land in India and say that property is how their families survive back home as they try to make a life sin the U.S. “Even though we are American citizens, it affects us, we belong over there. Our brothers and sisters, uncles that own the land, we are here for their support to protect our brothers and sisters,” demonstrator Gurdev Singh Kang told ABC News.

Detroit, Michigan

Metro Detroiters joined in the peaceful protests that have been cropping up all over the world in support of Indian farmers. Despite the cold weather and the pandemic, hundreds of Indian Americans from around Detroit gathered at Heritage Park in Canton for a peaceful rally in support of the farmers, bearing signs that read “I stand with farmers” and “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” while sharing personal stories and prayer,” the Detroit News reported. 

Rally in Raleigh, North Carolina:

A Sikh American at a rally in downtown Halifax, North Carolina, Dec. 3, to protest India’s new agriculture laws in solidarity with the country’s farmers. Protesters could be seen down South Park Street, Spring Garden Road and University Avenue holding signs to raise awareness of what’s going on. “These bills are not in favor of farmers, especially small farmers and marginalized farmers,” Manvander Kaur Dhillon,  treasurer of the Maritime Sikh Society told Global News.

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Denver, Colorado:

Denver too joined hands in support of fellow farmers in India. On Dec. 5, dozens of cars with protest signs and flags paraded through downtown Denver, horns honking in solidarity with disenfranchised farmers in India, and to educate their neighbors about the massive struggle playing out on the other side of the globe.

San Francisco, California: 

Protestors at a a peaceful “kisaan solidarity rally” in Oakland, California, Dec. 5, to show support for the protesting farmers of India. Adorned with posters, hundreds of vehicles drove towards the Indian Consulate in San Francisco via the Bay Bridge, honking in support of the farmers’ agitation. The event was organized by Jakara Movement, a “grassroots organization, inspired by Sikh principles, that strengthens community engagement and creates empowerment” – as posted on their web page. This group made up of a staff of 10 committed individuals throughout the state of California focuses on issues of civic engagement, education, health, and social justice. The rally clogged traffic in various parts of San Francisco, local media reports said.

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