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Grassroots Organization ‘They See Blue’ is Looking Ahead to Agenda 2021

Grassroots Organization ‘They See Blue’ is Looking Ahead to Agenda 2021

They See Blue is a grassroots organization with a mission to mobilize and engage Americans of South Asian origin in the democratic process to help Democrats win Federal, State, and Local races.

TSB celebrated the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris by having a fun, virtual event on Jan 23rd. We heard from our founders and various chapters as well as a chance to interact with random members in Zoom rooms!

Although the 2020 Elections are behind us, we need to remain engaged and vigilant to ensure we don’t lose the momentum we have worked so hard to build.

They See Blue is inviting any member who is interested to sign up to be part of a working group. We need your skills and enthusiasm to drive the organization forward. Participants can get involved in more than one working group too!

The Event Planning Working Group has been busy coming up with a strategy to keep members engaged during this year. Their goals:

  • Increase engagement of They See Blue Members
  • Educate Members on topics such as Elections and Economics
  • Make TSB a premium forum for prominent experts, academicians and politicians to speak at

Ohio Happenings

TSB-Ohio held their 2021 kickoff event which was well attended. Attendees included South Asians, Non-South Asians, Ohioans as well as TSB members from other states. Thanks to all the TSB members that attended, we appreciate your support!

We are focused on:

  • Finalized our Strategic Plan & 2021 Goals
  • Organizing for key 2022 Races & Issues (Redistricting!)
  • Recruiting engaged members in Ohio Metro cities to be Leads
  • Learning Gerrymandering 101
  • Planning Candidate Panels and Educational Events

Pennsylvania Happenings

TSB-PA is pivoting to focusing on local elections in 2021. We are keeping track of the Republican controlled state legislature’s efforts to subject the judicial candidates for state’s highest courts to be drawn from “Judicial Districts”, instead of from the entire state — Judicial Gerrymandering.

Pennsylvania has a “closed” primary which means independent voters are shut out of voting. A higher proportion of Desis are Independents than the general population.  We are shining a light on a few ballot measures which will be on the primary ballots to help motivate Desis and increase turnout.

See Also

In addition to Philadelphia, we have a fledgling core team in Pittsburgh as well. If you have friends or relatives in PA, please do get them to join our team.

They See Blue Youth

If you are a Millennial or Gen-Z, They See Blue has a Youth Leadership Council to engage young people specifically using tools and issues that resonate. 

Please visit our website to learn more and join our movement. You can volunteer and participate in groups and events that are being organized this year. Best of all, there are no membership dues or donations required. 

Shanti Subramanyam is a tech entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, CA.  She has been a member of They See Blue since July of 2020 and currently serves as the newsletter editor. She is also passionate about women’s equality and rights and is a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood. She also serves on the board of IUCEE, an organization focused on improving the quality of engineering education in India.

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