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Indian American ‘Witness’ Makes Racist Remarks at Michigan State Senate Hearing on Voting Irregularities

Indian American ‘Witness’ Makes Racist Remarks at Michigan State Senate Hearing on Voting Irregularities

  • Hima Kolanagireddy was among witnesses produced by Rudy Giuliani who asserted oft-repeated, oft-debunked claims of voter fraud and election misconduct.

An Indian American poll worker created quite a storm on Twitter after she made racist remarks about Chinese people. Speaking at a hearing at the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Dec. 2 about voting irregularities, Hima Kolanagireddy testified that the state should tighten photo identification requirements for voters “because all Chinese people look alike,” Michigan Live reported. “A lot of people think Indians look alike. I think all Chinese people look alike. So, how would you tell? If some Chow show up, you can be anybody and you can vote,” she said.

As per her LinkedIn profile, Kolanagireddy is an IT specialist and CEO of ASCII Group in Farmington Hills. She is also a precinct delegate for the Michigan GOP and was a volunteer poll challenger at TCF Center in Detroit on Nov. 3. 

Among the many witnesses produced by Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney for Donald Trump, Kolanagireddy gave an affidavit outlining her experiences to the Election Integrity group. A video of the Senate hearings posted on YouTube shows Kolanagireddy alleging that she had witnessed impossible numbers of ballots counted overnight, date changes, and fake signatures and that she never saw a single Trump ballot. 

“From my skin color everyone assumes that I’m a Democrat, so they just kind of come to me and one of the ladies was saying let’s get these m-f’s out. And I’m like m-fs who? … When I pulled out my tag, she looked at me and said you’re on the wrong side,” she said.

During the five hour-long testimony on Dec. 2, Giuliani and the other witnesses “asserted oft-repeated, oft-debunked claims of voter fraud and election misconduct to the House Oversight Committee,” the MichiganLive report said. Urging lawmakers to “take back your power,” he said the results declaring President-elect Joe Biden winning the state’s popular vote was “complete falsehood.” 

A day earlier, on Dec. 1, members of the Senate Oversight Committee spent seven hours hearing similar claims from Michigan Republicans, MichiganLive reported. Certified election results show Trump losing by more than 154,000 votes to President-elect Joe Biden in Michigan. 

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Kolanagireddy’s testimony video YouTube has 51,743 views on Dec. 3.  

She caused an uproar on Twitter as well.  “The witness thinks all Chinese look alike?,” one user wrote. “Wait till she tries to tell the difference between the Irish? All those freckles and what with the red hair no less! It’s a pickle I tells ya. Don’t get me started on the Welsh. (Needless to say I’m both Irish and Welsh.)”Another user wrote: “This is just racism of course but it also doesn’t make any sense. With no Voter ID, no one is asked to recognize anyone, most places aren’t Dixville Notch with 8 voters who know each other. And if you can’t tell Asians from each other, how would ID help?”

Meanwhile,  Stephanie Chang, the first Asian American woman in the Michigan Senate who represents the 1st district, told MichiganLive that  “it’s important to note anti-Asian comments can unfortunately come from within our own community and other people of color.” She continued:  “One of the things that’s really concerning is this is a South Asian American Woman who’s making these comments,” Chang said. “Aside from being racist, her argument makes no sense at all. If you think everyone looks the same, how is a photo ID going to help you?”

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  • ID’s whether physical or electronic, are only given to one person and cannot be duplicated … It’s that easy, you don’t need to be a brain scientist to work that out. How many people have your Visa Card? Only you and it doesn’t even have a picture of you. Making a statement about recognizing people’s faces, is not what Hima was saying, so don’t be so simple-minded and stupid to take words spoken out of context.

    • Your patronizing rant doesn’t actually address what was said, though. How exactly would you confirm the person bringing the ID to you is the person it belongs to if all members of that ethnic group look alike to you? Perhaps you may need a “brain scientist” to look at yours if you can’t understand the basic premise of what’s being said here.

    • Technically there can be many people out there with your credit card information skimmed. Look up card-skimming. Also technically, I can take your SSN, DOB, and name, and steal your identity to become you. It’s that easy.

    • Hima is a complete disgrace to the people of India. She used that hearing as a platform to belittle India so that she can suck up to racist people and get their acceptability. Some people like her are so desperate to impress whites that they think insulting India is like a fashion statement . She herself cooks and eats spicy gulti food due to which there is an overwhelming disgusting smell of curry around such people which makes them unpresentable. But she is living in a lala land and thinks that Americans will see her as some patriot. She should come out of her delusion. She smells like a curry and will never be respected in America no matter which stunt she pulls. People like Hima have been coming from substandard universities in India and that is an area of concern for all Americans. We must come together to stop such people coming from India.

  • I listened carefully to this woman who described the vote counting. where she was an observer. She described a process where when the paper ballots jammed there was a possibility that the poll worker would inappropriately say continue when they should press discard. Thus there was a theoretical possibility of an din to this lady, there were about 3-4 jammed ballots per lourdes or around 600 ballots processed. Even if the poll worker wrongly processed the jam items every time in very table, the total overcount would not exceed 1 per cent. She was also careful to say it did not happen at her table because she guided the poll worker correctly. In short her testimony other than the racist remarks were bull shit.

    • There are some typos which I can’t edit. I meant to write

      Thus there was a theoretical possibility of an overcount and according to this lady, there were. about 3-4 jammed ballots per hour or around 600 ballots processed in a lot of one hour per table.

      • Perhaps you did listen to Hima Kolanagireddy’s testimony carefully, yet you still managed to hear what you wanted to hear rather than hearing what she actually stated. For your own benefit, put forth a little effort at improving your listening skill. Just try to listen more closely to other people’s words, and be conscious of not projecting your wants into their words because sometime it may help you avoid a debate with someone who is not another anonymous avatar who you will never encounter in real life, but may be someone who is all too eager to conjure consequences for you. You missed a key piece of information regarding how the votes may be significantly overcounted in her testimony regarding the jams. Either that, or you are aware of how easily most people can overlook such a detail, and you intentionally fed them a false narrative to maintain a false reality for nefarious purposes. If you are not being paid to write your comments, then please listen to her testimony regarding the ballot jams, and pay close attention to what she says. Ensuring a fair election with accurate results means more to me than having “my guy” win .

        • All one has to do is a quick fact check google search and find that the machines in fact DO NOT require a reset after a jam. She is simply wrong. Lying or just not informed? Who knows. But wrong. Period. That entire part of her testimony is 100% false. Next….

  • It seems like Stephanie Chang has caught the wrong end of the stick!
    She has completely misunderstood what Hima was trying to say.
    All that Hima was trying to say was that you cannot differentiate people with the same surname.
    Like you cannot differentiate one Smith from another Smith without any form of identification documents.
    She was simply stressing the need for proof of identification documents to validate the ballot casting process.
    That is all.
    You cannot draw any inference of racism by her reference to the surname Chow!

    • You are deluded. Chow is a very common racial slur for Chinese in India- When will you guys wake up and accept that she is a stinking racist

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