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New Platform, New Crisis: Kangana Ranaut Gets Into Trouble for Instagram Post on Israel-Palestine Conflict

New Platform, New Crisis: Kangana Ranaut Gets Into Trouble for Instagram Post on Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • After she was banned from Twitter, the actress is now using the social networking site to air her unadulterated opinions.

After being banned by Twitter, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has turned to Instagram to air her unadulterated opinions. Despite a new social media handle, she is still managing to make headlines and ruffle feathers through her posts. 

Ranaut’s Twitter account was permanently suspended a few weeks ago because of a series of scathing tweets on the violence in West Bengal after Mamata Banerjee-led AITMC (All India Trinamool Congress) came to power in the state for the third consecutive term.

On Instagram, Ranaut is now focusing on the Israel-Palestine conflict as well as India’s deadly second COVID-19 surge. On May 16, she shared a a video captioned “Wake up India,” which explained the conflict, She praised Israel’s all-out military attack on Gaza and has termed it as a fight against “radical Islamic terrorism.” She continued: “India stands with Israel. Those who think that terrorism should be replied with dharna and kadi ninda, must learn from Israel.”  

In another post, she wrote, “To save your nation and its people from radical Islamic terrorism is the fundamental right of every nation. India stands with Israel.”

As her posts went viral, Ranaut started trending on Twitter and netizens demanded her ban from Instagram as well.

One user shared her Insta story on Twitter and wrote: “Does this birdbrain, pathetic and islamophobic #KanganaRanaut know what exactly terrorism is? During the holiest night of Ramadan, Laylat-al-Qadar 300 worshipperswere relentlessly injured and to this moron those unarmed worshippers were brutal terrorists. Wow. #isrealterrorist.”

Another Twitter user posted, “@instagram ok are u not gonna do anything about this??? Kangana ranawat is openly using homophobic slur in her story. Take her account down. Improve your report review service.”

A third user urged everyone to report Ranaut’s Instagram account for her islamophobic stories. “I urge you all to report Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram account for her islamophobic stories. Let’s get her Instagram account deleted too. Report. Report. Report.”

Netizen Rhea Dewan joined the conversation tweeting, “The non-sense has now spread to instagram. Request everyone with a heart to report #KanganaRanaut for hate speech.”

Meanwhile Ranaut replied with another post. She penned down her thoughts and slammed netizens who in the past few days have stated that she “knows nothing” about the Israel issue. She wrote: “As you can see the video clearly shows how Israel was formed, no it is not an illegitimate nation they earned it back from the British and when they settled the land with UN interference 6 Muslim nations attacked them, since then with every attack on them they are seizing more and more land…because that’s what happens when you win a war… All those crying here and telling me I know nothing.. beta I am the mother of all fathers…aukat mai reh kar baat karna aage se.” In the video, Ranaut is also seen taking a jibe at Indians creating a false image of the country amid the COVID-19 crisis.

A couple of days ago, Ranaut also claimed that the photos doing the rounds on social media of bodies floating in a river are from Nigeria. Several news reports on the other hand claim the photos are from Ganga in several districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is also suspected that the bodies could be of COVID-19 patients who have passed away. 

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As her video is going viral on social media, people have been calling Uttar Pradesh as Nigeria and poking fun at the queen of faux pas. Tweeted Aman Malik poking fun at Ranaut’s comment, “According to Padma Shri Kangana Ranaut, these folks are Nigerians. Yes, they speak Hindi in Nigeria, I get that.”

Another netizen, drew a humorous parody with the tweet, “Kangana on her way to Nigeria via “UP” through River Ganga!”

Social media user Narundar tweeted, “For Kangana – Mumbai is POK.Farmers are Khalistani. International media is biased. UP is Nigeria. And most importantly, Modi Ji is a great leader. Lol.”

Another posted, “Kangana says that images of dead bodies floating in Ganga are from Nigeria. Meanwhile, Yogi ji is confused when he renamed UP as Nigeria.”

The jokes kept pouring in.

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