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Meena Harris’ Media and Merchandising Company ‘Phenomenal’ Forays Into Entertainment Space

Meena Harris’ Media and Merchandising Company ‘Phenomenal’ Forays Into Entertainment Space

  • Phenomenal Productions will create videos, social content, and products focusing on “communities of color and unrepresented voting blocs.”

Meena Harris’ media and merchandising company Phenomenal, is making a move into the entertainment space. Founded with a clothing and merchandise line, the company “subsequently expanded into impact marketing campaigns with the launch of Phenomenal Productions last year, “according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The new production studio will create videos, social content, and products for causes, nonprofits, foundations and companies, placing “a specific emphasis on communities of color and underrepresented voting blocs,” the report said.

Harris, the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, told The Hollywood Reporter that the company’s making the now “because they have built a consumer-facing brand with a loyal, engaged built-in audience that is waiting for the next thing, and has come to be this amazing, vibrant community.” She told the entertainment portal that “with its move into entertainment,” the company “will continue to focus its lens on content and partnerships that center women and historically excluded communities.” She admitted that the expansion “is honestly happening much more quickly than we planned, which is very exciting.”

Phenomenal already has existing partnerships with some entertainment companies as well, including a partnership with Netflix on Bridgerton-themed apparel. An attorney by training, Harris launched Phenomenal with apparel bearing slogans like “Phenomenal Woman” (based on Maya Angelou’s poem), and with books like Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, about her mother and aunt’s childhood.

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