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Silent Vigil Held for Dalit Girl Raped and Murdered in Uttar Pradesh

Silent Vigil Held for Dalit Girl Raped and Murdered in Uttar Pradesh

The silent protest at Merrill Park in Iselin, New Jersey, Oct. 11 was organized by the New Jersey chapter of the  Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), and supported by groups like Hindus for Human Rights, India Civil Watch, Sadhana: Coalition of Progresive Hindus, Students Against Hindutva Ideology, Muslims for Progressive Values, Manavi, Dalit Solidarity Forum and Global Indian Progressive Alliance, among others. 

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  • Hinduism doesnt prescribe the rape and violence against others. Her rape and death is unacceptable.
    But I ask, why is it we are fed that Hindutva means violence, that Hinduism and Hindutva are too interconnected to part and that hindus are inordinately violent though this is far from the case (Aurangazeb murdered more than 4.6 million Hindus, the British massacred us and our Muslim and Sikh bretheren en masse).
    What does the rape of an innocent dalit girl have to do with ‘hindu nationalism’. – Dalits ARE Hindus and they are the majority!

    While IAMC is happy to host this protest, where were they when muslims murdred Tiwari for speaking ill of prophet Mohommed?
    It is failure to address these issues, to give only one side while completely ignoring blatant hinduphobia (violence, forced conversions), that is driving people to seek justice and representation elsewhere, whether those means are correct or not.

    Is the IAMC currently protesting the mass butchery of Hindus in Bangladesh? Are they trying to negotiate the release of the 8 yr old boy jailed for blasphemy in Pakistan? Where was their protest when Hindus and Christians are being converted, maimed and killed in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

    Why must the Hindu alone be demanded to be the model majority? We actively CONDEMN violence against any group, against any individual, against mob justice. But STOP painting us as evil. STOP painting brahmins as the villains in every scenario when they make up 4.3% of the population of a billion people.
    Stop being hypocrits. If you want the truth, SEARCH for it. Listen to Sai Deepak, to the Sham Sharma show. Learn.

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