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Shetty’s Scoop: President Biden Acknowledges 7th Grandchild on Former Hindu Monk Jay Shetty’s Podcast

Shetty’s Scoop: President Biden Acknowledges 7th Grandchild on Former Hindu Monk Jay Shetty’s Podcast

  • Speaking on the life coach’s “On Purpose” podcast, the president has finally accepted Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts with Lunden Roberts.

Three days after issuing a statement acknowledging his son Hunter Biden’s daughter with Lunden Roberts, President Joe Biden has reiterated that he has seven grandchildren, not six. The admission came while speaking on former Hindu monk Jay Shetty’s podcast — “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” — where he acknowledged that he is the grandfather of 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts. 

“I have seven grandkids, five of ‘em old enough to talk on the phone, you know, every day I either text or call them,” Biden told the life coach, author, and podcaster during the episode released today where he talked about “navigating the path of grief and making decisions under pressure.” He had previously referred to his and first lady Jill Biden’s “six grandchildren.” 

In a statement issued on July 28, Biden publicly acknowledged for the first time his seventh grandchild, saying that he and the first lady “only want what is best for all of our grandchildren, including Navy. Politico notes that “the shift follows the conclusion of a messy court proceeding that settled in Arkansas last month.” 

Shetty’s podcast, which releases new episodes on Mondays and Fridays, was launched in 2019. The 35-year-old interviews celebrities and other successful people on what they believe is their purpose in life. “I wanted to create a conversation that went beyond the athlete, beyond the celebrity, beyond the personality, the profile, the persona, and to me, that essence that everyone has, that truth that everyone has is their purpose,” he said on “The Build Series” in May 2019. “It’s what we’re ready to die for and what we live for.”

Since launching his video channel on YouTube in 2016, his viral wisdom videos

have garnered over 4 billion views and gained over 20 million followers globally, making him one of the most viewed people on the internet internationally. He was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017 for being a game-changer and influencer in the world of media.

Born and raised in the U.K. Shetty met a monk while in business school, who encouraged him to spend four summers living a Vedic monk lifestyle at an ashram in Mumbai, according to his website. After his return, he started sharing his insights on productivity and how what he had learned as a monk could be applied to the workplace. He also worked as Accenture’s Social Media coach for executives online branding and digital strategy.

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His videos were spotted by Arianna Huffington. She invited him to be the host of HuffPost Lifestyle in New York. Jay moved to New York in September 2016. He eventually moved on from HuffPost to create MediaMonks, his own viral video agency and grow his brand. 

He is married to Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, a vegan chef and Ayurveda expert. She was the first guest on the podcast. She appeared on the show again for its first anniversary. On the show, she revealed that she was in awe of Jay. “I was in awe of him. He also looked really cool – he had a bald head. He didn’t look like the type of person that would be thinking about these things because he had tattoos and a bald head, but then he was in robes. And I said, ‘This is really, really cool, but weird at the same time.”

Jay moved back in with his parents in London with no money to his name. Having committed career suicide he spent 9 months just updating himself on the world. Jay’s friends from business school began inviting him to speak at their companies as they were undergoing high amounts of pressure and stress.

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