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Fake Accusations: Democratic Party of New Jersey Risks Losing the Support of Hindu Americans

Fake Accusations: Democratic Party of New Jersey Risks Losing the Support of Hindu Americans

  • The party needs to reign in the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee of New Jersey and rescind the resolution it passed against Hindu organizations.

Two weeks ago, in a most shocking resolution passed by the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee (TDMC) of New Jersey, and signed by Alexandra Soriano-Taveras, the chairwoman of the committee, a false, brazen, and provocative attack was made on Hindu American volunteer, advocacy, and service organizations. The organizations it named include, the Hindu American Foundation, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

This whole episode was a shock to the Hindu community, it was like a direct attack on their principles, value system and practices. The way TDMC worded the resolution is full of false allegations, missing facts, blatant lies, and zero understanding of the good work done by these organizations, they simply played the role of pawn in the big sea. The resolution accused the community organizations of “weaponizing” bulldozer (against Indian minority communities) during an India Independence Day Parade in New Jersey.

Around 55 + large organizations with around 200,000 members in New Jersey sent the letter to all the members of Teaneck township, TDMC members and many other elected state representatives across New Jersey. The model minority community has become the target of political ideologues, religious and faith supremacists, etc.

The Democratic party of New Jersey has come to a state where a small unit starts ignoring it and all its members and chairperson proceed with their own personal and hateful agenda.

New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal, in a strongly worded statement of support for the Hindu American community, condemned the resolution and called for its immediate rescission. In his statement, he said, “It is unfortunate that this committee that purports to support the ideals of the Democratic Party would act in a manner that illustrates the type of bigotry and hatred that we are working hard as a country to eradicate from our society.”

Later, U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer released a statement “I’m deeply disappointed by the anti-Hindu resolution in Teaneck. Jersey Values are about bringing people together and celebrating diversity, and decrying extremism wherever we see it because that’s what makes our communities strong. I am committed to tackling racism, bigotry, and all forms of hate.”

After a few days, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) released a statement and condemned the anti-Hindu Resolution — NJDSC Condemns Anti-Hindu Bigotry, followed by the Teaneck Councilman Keith Kaplan, Teaneck Mayor Jim Dunleavy condemned the hateful resolution and demanded the rescind. But the Chairperson Alexandra Soriano-Taveras and members of TDMC ignored the voices of its own party.

The Democratic party of New Jersey has come to a state where a small unit starts ignoring it and all its members and chairperson proceed with their own personal and hateful agenda which is against the foundation and principles on which the party was formed.

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The Democratic party declares “they stand for inclusivity and diversity, for dismantling all forms of hate and bigotry”, but if they can’t even control their own small units, then how in future small communities and minorities like Hindu Americans will build trust in them?

It’s time for the Democrats to act, take a stand, and send a strong message by disbanding the TDMC or replacing the TDMC members. Truth can only sustain or prevail if everyone calls it out and stands together.

Gaurav Singhal is a Senior Principal Software Consultant at Oracle America, Inc., for the last 11 years. He enjoys adventure trips and being involved in volunteering activities.

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  • Full of rhetoric but no substance. Reproduce that part of resolution that you disagree with & explain your reasons. The resolution is not against Hindus but against right wing Hindu organizations linked to RSS of India. They do not represent all Hindus. RSS roots, ideology are in public domain, anyone can google it.

    • What you said is also rhetoric. Tell me what Rss did or preach which you are against? Are there any cases against RSS members? When floods or cyclone happen Rss folks are first to jump and volunteer help. They don’t seek any publicity. Media use that as its weakness and attack it? Now use the same propaganda to change laws?

    • Mr. Ram — This is VERY easy to give you evidence. The last line of the resolution, points to a website on Dismantling Global Hindutva. This refers to an online event, where they had tweets, which were taken down by Twitter, as potentially inciting violence. If you go their website, in a video, they explicitly ask “why dismantle only Hindutva, why not end Hinduism altogether”. To this, the panel resounding agrees. They say that Hindutva cannot be separated Hinduism. They say that Hinduism is discriminatory at its core, because of caste, and therefore, we need eradicate the world of it. What do you think that means? Is it fine to eradicate the world of the 3rd most prominent religion? Are the other religions not also discriminatory, in other ways? Like the maybe by calling those of other faiths “heathens” or “kafirs”, or suggesting men hold all power in divorce and can have 4 wives? I will reiterate BLUNTLY — the last line of the resolution, points folks to an effort to outright END HINDUISM, which also published Hindu names, suggesting they were “dangerous, like Nazi”. They listed Trivedi, Sharma, etc — do you know how many kids are simply born with those names?

      On a separate matter, let me clear, there are tons of anti-RSS tweets on twitter every day. Twitter has never taken those down. Let me also be clear, if you don’t know, that people falsely accuse people of being linked to RSS daily. Since I was baby, I’ve in America. I didn’t even here of the RSS until recently. But when I ran for school board, it was an attack on me, that I was part of the BJP. The goal of the opposition, was to use this opportunity, for me to “condemn BJP”. Now I do that, and guess what, tons of Indians are upset, because let’s be real, BJP is quite popular in India – it has 10x the holding of INC, and independent polling for Morning Consult and Pew, show Modi’s popularity – even among muslims. Whether you agree with the data of these firms or not, let me remind you, that school board is nonpartisan. I am not supposed to condemn Trump even. I can’t take a pro or anti side, in America, then why is it expected to be in India. The role of school board, has nothing to do with BJP. Literally, I am voting on teachers salaries or other funding matters. In this last cycle, masks, etc. No other person of ethnicity, was asked to weigh in on their home country’s politics. Pakistani are not asked about the now ousted Imran Khan, or his party, and we know that country has instability and coups. We have folks that ran for Iraq, Iran, Bosnia, Poland, on and on – because our state and city is very very diverse.

  • American Kahani has not dealt with last week’s findings from the UK, that there is significant Hindu phobia in that country. It was pretty big news in India. Hindus in the UK face prejudice and hostility from both Christians and Moslems. How is this not news on this website? Anything anti-Hindu is.

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