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An Open Letter to Modi Bhakts in America: Your God has Feet of Clay and Blood on His Hands

An Open Letter to Modi Bhakts in America: Your God has Feet of Clay and Blood on His Hands

  • Stop leaving offerings on his bloodied altar. Stop funding his campaigns of hate. Stop enabling the annihilation of secular India’s soul.

It’s time to face facts. Your God does not have a 56-inch chest. Your God is all bluster, no action. All swagger, no substance. Your God has failed the people of India on every count as the worst crisis in modern times ravages the country. Your God has no interest in protecting the citizenry he is expected to serve. While India gasps for breath, while patients die in hospital after hospital for lack of oxygen, while the sick collapse on the streets and beg for medicines and beds at overcrowded hospital gates, your God is lavishing ₹22,000 crore on building himself a glitzy new palace in the heart of Delhi. Consumed by his vanity project, he forgot to instruct his government to procure adequate vaccines supplies — the one thing that could save countless Indian lives as the second wave explodes in the country. 

Your God is deaf to the cries of millions of Indians in distress. He is blind to the living, the sick and the dying. His hearing is faulty — neither the dying nor the living can get through to him. He only hears the sound of his own voice.

Wake up, dear Bhakts! All those odes to India’s ancient glory, the shiny promises of turning India into a Vishwa Guru who dazzles the world, all the bombastic words he uses to cast a spell on you at his Madison Square Garden rallies are a means to an end. Your god mouths the words to make sure you donate your dollars to his political campaigns and rallies. Keep the dollars coming, and he’ll keep telling you what you want to hear.

Instead of glory, he has heaped misery on Bharat Mata’s head. Under his stewardship, India has been dragged into the dirt. His demonitization drive broke the backbone of small businesses across the country. Much like the hare-brained Mughal emperor, Tughlak, your God’s ill-conceived move sowed chaos and hardship in the life of the common man.  

As we speak, India is desperately seeking foreign aid to tackle a health emergency that your God’s lack of foresight caused. After a gap of 17 years, ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ has had to solicit foreign aid to bail itself out of a crisis.

Under your God’s watch, India had been brought to her knees. It is a pariah nation now. The Covid hotspot every nation dreads. The country every person across the world is watching in horror. Indian travellers are banned from flying out to almost every spot on the planet. Your God has no ‘masterstroke’ at this moment to flaunt.    

Please understand. Your God is no God. He is a conman, a scamster, a talking head who trades exclusively in hate and vitriol. Inside his Photoshopped 56-inch chest there is no beating heart. He has not consoled the families of the dead or met with them. No condolences. No hospital visits. No regrets. Your God does not feel the pain of others or acknowledge his role in inflicting the worst on them. 

He has not consoled the families of the dead or met with them. No condolences. No hospital visits. No regrets. Your God does not feel the pain of others or acknowledge his role in inflicting the worst on them. 

Think about it. What kind of God stays unmoved as Indians continue to die of lack of oxygen, hospital beds, and access to medical care? What God retreats into silence as 120 Indians die — every hour, every day — from a second wave that could have been averted if he had acted on time? Who holds road shows and campaign rallies and chases after votes with zero regard for human life as death stalks the land?

Your God is no God. He has no wisdom or vision. He shrugged off warnings from scientists, ignoring their findings in early March that deadly mutations of the virus were about to strike. Instead of protecting Indians and mobilising the full might of the official machinery under his command, he actively encouraged mass gatherings across the country. Ads with his face pasted on them inviting Indians and non-Indians to the Kumbh Mela were plastered everywhere from newspapers and giant billboards to the pages of Time magazine. 

Your god takes God’s name in vain. He chants Jai Shree Ram only to win elections. He pits Hindu against Muslim and throws a lit match on the fire when tensions flare up. He watches brother lynch brother. He lets burning trains burn, lets the bodies pile up. He doesn’t mourn the dead. He doesn’t mind the blood.

If your God is the protector of all Hindus as he claims to be, if your God is the bearded messiah of the Hindu Rashtra he and his party fantasise about, why did he allow the Kumbh Mela to go on knowing full well that the faithful would be infected? In Madhya Pradesh, 99 percent Kumbh returnees have tested positive. Test results from other states are pouring in, adding to the strain on a health care system which is already stretched to breaking point.

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Eyes firmly fixed on the vote bank, your God allowed the Mela to turn into the super spreader event nobody needed. With this, he has proved to be the biggest danger to Hindus, the khatra he keeps harping on.      

Your callous and calculating god has finally shown his Vishwaroopam. Open your eyes wide. Open your eyes and behold his grotesque core. He is full of false promises. He has a forked tongue and an ice cold heart. He cannot save, protect or defend the people under his care. 

Stop leaving offerings on his bloodied altar. Stop funding his campaigns of hate. Stop enabling the annihilation of secular India’s soul.

Find a less lethal God to worship. This one has feet of clay and blood on his hands.   

Vineetha Mokkil is the author of the short story collection, “A Happy Place and Other Stories” (HarperCollins). Her fiction has appeared in the Santa Fe Writers Project Journal, Gravel, Barren magazine, Asian Cha, and in the anthology, “The Best Asian Short Stories 2018.” She is currently based in New Delhi.

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  • Vineetha – you have total misunderstanding of the roles and responsibilities of Central and State government. State government holds the full authority to take local decisions and manage the pandemic. Central government provides logistcs, and other support based on the request from State Government. Central govt has not stopped funding for Covid pandemic, free vaccines and transportation to the last mile with all medicines etc., , if so why should the construction of the new parliament building be stopped. Also, this is not Modi’s palace and he is not going to live there as you have made a fake narrative, it shows only your hate towards him and India.

    Not sure how much money was paid to you for writing such a crappy article. Do you have the guts to question Maharastra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Kerala, Punjab CMs regarding the misuse of funds allocated to setup Oxygen plants?

    Do you know the protocols that were put in place with multiple check points for the Kumbmela attendees to be careful with Covid? You have purposely avoided any references to Farmers protests gathering in lacs, Ramadan gatherings and Mamata’s huge gatherings in West Bengal during the last 4 phases of the election (Modi & Amit Shah cancelled their visits and conducted virtually).

    Next time when you write an news article, be honest to include from all sides.

    • What about the vaccine rollout, which the author has not mentioned? Without ensuring an adequate supply domestically, our 56-inch hero has gifted large quantities to other countries.
      Is there *any* aspect of the covid-19 epidemic that has been properly managed by Modi and his BJP govt?

    • Any number of experts have written that Modi was warned in early March of a major second wave. We already had the experience of many countries that went through a second wave. Yet, not one single warning from Modi. On the contrary, precisely at that time, he was campaigning without a mask and bringing together thousands of people, again without masks. His health minister had already declared victory against the virus. The Centre had given the go-ahead to the Kumbh, where millions gathered, standing next to each other without masks (hardly any surprise that more than 90% of those returning from the Kumbh are testing positive).
      After this level of craziness by Modi and his team, you are looking for others to point fingers at? Did Modi issue a single warning to the states? On the contrary, he was giving precisely the opposite signal. That everything is fine.
      As the writer says, we should have recognised his madness and ignorance when he did the disastrous demonetisation. If we had, we wouldn’t have had to go through the current man-made calamity, where people we know are dying every single day.

    • The States certainly have a role to play and most have done so with the resources they have.

      Central Government responsibility, among others, is to ensure licensing , approving of capacity for vaccines, medicines and oxygen. They have failed dismally.

      It is irresponsible of the CG to announce vaccination of all 18+ people when they know that there is a serious shortage of vaccine; people are waiting to get their second shot after taking the some weeks ago. This announcement looks like a PR exercise.

      Why is the CG procuring vaccines if you think it is the responsibility of the State Governments to do so? And why differential pricing?

      The CG has been irresponsible and guilty of stupidity and neglect by allowing gatherings for Kumbh and elections. The immaturity shown by the PM in gloating over the size of gathering in one instance is monumental.

      Look at the delay in distributing the aid that has been pouring in. It smacks of incompetence and a complete lack of urgency.

      There is not a single positive step or action that the CG has taken.

      • My previous post is in response to the comments made by ND and others who have sprung to the CG’s and PM’s defence .

    • (1) The country is under the National Disaster Management Act, 2005 invoked by the centre in 2020r, under which public health is under the control of the Centre.

      (2) Kumbh mela’s date is next year, there was one in 2019, and the next one is, officially, next year, in 2022. Not enough time for the UP and Uttarakhand Assembly elections. It was moved forward on the saying of some random sadhu. So you play with my god, it will come and bite yours.

      (3) The month of Ramadan did not start until mid-April, and there have been very few large gatherings anyway.

      (4) The PM was the last to cancel its in-person meetings, following which the EC ordered large meetings to be canceled, after the sixth phase of the West Bengal assembly elections. The BJP ignored this and brought out Mithun Chakraborty and other BJP leaders to massive curious crowds anyway.

      (6) Modi has quietly snuck in a new residence for the PM. What is the need for this?

      (7) Facts matter.

    • Bhakts are always in denial. The want to protect their god with their full might, most insecure lot start crying like a child when the toys they clinge to their heart are taken away. They start giving all sort of data, lessons on Centre and state power et,. even when crematoriums run 24×7, bodies pile up and no place to keep the urns containing ashes of the dead. They are deaf to the cries for help just like their god.

    • Bro u did not mention UP in the list of states which got funds allocated for setup of oxygen plants. 😛

      Isse pata chalta h u r also not very honest

    • This false narrative about states being responsible solely for healthcare must end. From the beginning, Modi took charge of covid management. He announced the nationwide lockdown. He asked people to bang pits and pans. He controls all resources, including the unaccountable PM Cares fund. He even decides on oxygen allocation. I say Modi because he runs a one man show. All other ministers are zeros. He took credit for covid under control, but when his gross incompetence and mismanagement is pointed out, the lobotomized bakth gets angry. Be afraid, though. The next call from India might not be the one you want to get. Thanks a lot for funding this disaster.

    • For your information in Kumbh Mela the Ground realities are different what you have written. People were jumping on the head of others. The poor Uttarakhand Govt has no resources to test a crowd of such a big magnitude. Ask people who participated.what was happening there. A sorry state of affairs. The CM of Uttarakhand specifically said it is an open air event hence will not affect . On the other hand virologist we’re recommending a double mask . First ascertain the facts then comment.
      Further this is a well known fact in Modi style of functioning even central Ministries has no role except PMO. To say the state government has to excute the central direction without giving them resources is again a false cry. Can anyone explain why courts are guving such remarks daily. Why Supreme Court is setting task force.
      See various reports about oxygen plants. Where is the contractor who was assigned to construct plants in Delhi.
      This is a Gross mismanagement by Modi Government.

    • It is true that health is a state subject in India but after Pandemic struck using vested power under Pandemic Act GOI has centralized everything in its hand. So it is all GOI and state government role is Just like an ANM who full fill orders of seniors.
      It was GOI who flout tender for Oxygen plant after 8 months and forget to do follow up rather doing chest thumping, It was GOI and Juna Akhada who prepone the Kumbh by one year to win UP election and to set narrative for 2024 by announcing Kashi and Mathura as new flash points for spreading hatred. It was ECI on behest of GOI decided to organize Bengal election in 8 phase so that these monsters can play havoc there. It was GOI who was busy in toppling of elected governments and not interested in the Pandemic management. It is GOI who allotted 35000 Crore rupees for vaccination in budget but put all onus on states to buy the vaccine from their pocket.
      It was year 2004 in month of December Tsunami hit India cost world offered relief but Asardar Sardar Manmohan Singh politely refused that if needed we will accept. It was in Year 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit US and India helped US in rehabilitation , it was in year 2008 when Sinchuan earthquake hit China and India helped there too. But this son of Gobbles always glorifying himself with exchequer’s money and didn’t bothered about motherland. This false chest thumping result into budget deficient increased to 99% of GDP.

    • Of all states in the country you want to comment on Kerala?!!
      Which is even today the role model to handle the crisis and best health system…And where citizens and government work and co-operate with each other?

  • It is an occupational hazard for the PM that he will be blamed exclusively for any collective failure of Indian scientists, State governments, Health Minister, Dept of science and technology and. Of course he himself. Why did not Drs. Trehan and Guleria alert him like they did for the first wave? And ma”m why are you wasting precious time writing blame articles instead of helping solve the problem?

    • It has been always Modi Modi Modi for the last 7 years. But when a man-made disaster occurs, you suddenly discover a collective? Very funny.

      • Bull’s eye!
        That’s exactly the problem.
        Modi government has done its best to move things away from states (the Concurrent List) to the Union list.
        Dismantled all existing institutions, divided people… And now you need to everyone to come on-board to take the blame. This government hasn’t done anything in these 7-8 years that hasn’t already been there except the PR to show off and re-brand everything. And created more problems within the country and with the neighbors… Provoking and inciting is the only strategy they are aware of.

        False pride in national greatness. There is indeed pride in one’s country. But nationalists carry a false pride that only a shock can bring them out of.

        The greatest concern is the horrible situation our countrymen are facing… With deaths on the streets and everywhere.

        If only they open their eyes now and humble themselves, this pandemic can be handled better. God will turn His wrath away when people humble themselves and pray.

        May God have mercy upon this great land and its people.

      • Absolutely,! The despotic naked king wants his picture printed on the covid19 vaccine certificate, but not on the covid death certificate…

  • Stunning,absolutely stunning piece.Pay no attention to the bhakts stoutly defending the Fuhrer Bunker to the bitter end.You have clearly rattled them. You have told it the way it should be told.This nonsense about the 56 ” Goatbeard has gone on for far too long.Brilliant and written with passion.

  • The first comment above (by ND) is replete with half-lies and blatant lies. Modi has money to build himself a palace but he has no money to provide free vaccines to everyone. Building the palace is so important that its construction has been put under the Essential Services Act, never mind the deadly risk to the workers working on the project in the midst of a pandemic (add this to his other vanity projects of naming a stadium after himself and buying 2 jumbo-jets costing 8,500 cr for his personal use). A few months back he was crowing to the world and taking credit for saving India from the virus (including pasting his cold lifeless face on vaccination certificates), yet now he’s going around with a bowl begging for aid internationally and blaming the opposition state governments’ domestically for the second wave. The Covid-19 taskforce set up by the centre didn’t meet for a single day in the months of February and March and part of April. In the Bhakt Puranas, a few months ago, the farmer’s protest was composed of a few hundred ‘misguided’ farmers, yet now that has metamorphosed into ‘lakhs of farmers’ protesting? Every opposition party had requested for postponement of the state polls that took place in the past few months in view of the pandemic yet Modi in his bloodthirsty lust for power didn’t postpone a single one; his love for his own voice (which closely resembles that of a braying donkey) trumps every decent human virtue. On the contrary, in West Bengal, the supine and corrupt Election Commission working on Modi/Shah’s orders held the polls over a record 9 phases so that the Modi/Shah duo could hold a maximum number of rallies (of course without any social-distancing or masks). As far as the Kumbh Mela protocols are concerned, which planet do you live on? A cursory search for the photos/videos of the Mela will reveal enough evidence displaying the utter lack of any covid protocols (and if all protocols were followed, why did Modi belatedly call it off?). His protege Yogi in Uttar Pradesh denies any oxygen shortage and threatens to jail anyone who complains of it; this is governance under Modi. Thousands are dying everyday, yet his government is more concerned with hiding the true numbers and managing its image. Next time you comment, show some regard for the truth and compassion for your fellow human-beings (even though expecting this from a bakht is futile, one can hope).

  • May be its time for a seperate country , a seperate one for bakths whose religion is modism , their god is Modi . citizen’s of all countries alleging their faith to this exclusive religion should be extradicted

    • That country is called Pakistan. Ship the andhbhakts there, the ground is fertile there for them, leave us in peace.

  • Misleading information with bias hence not appreciating his all out efforts to tackle the situation without replying to opposition leaders or detractors who want the malign the name of country which all of a sudden had to come to face such a situation which nobody imagined prior to February 2021 and thus caught unawares hence unprepared . About large congregations everybody knows about how Farmers have been instigated to launch the agitation for no genuine and bona fide reason whatsoever and which resulted into hooliganism and looting and the most unbecoming scenes on the streets of capital on Republic Day celebrations. No common Indian citizen would endorse this article against Indian PM except those who want to oppose Modi at any pretext or any cost not caring the prestige of the post of PM or the name of the country and bent upon tarnishing his image with that of country .

  • Upon reading the first paragraph, I realised the hatred this writer have over Modi.. speaking about Delhi, but not about kejri..sure, this is scrap

  • So true and compliment for highlighting truth.
    Karma is watching . BJP& RSS fascist saffron terror IDEOLOGY is on the verge of collapse.
    Very well written. Kudos .

  • Well collect your 2 cents for the day for abusing Modi.
    Now think whether you can make any positive contribution..

  • I AGREE 100% WITH THE VIEWS OF VINEETHA. BJP & NM jump to claim (any) credit even for small stuff sometimes even when it is not even theirs to claim, shamelessly though. It is about time they are asked to own their/his mistakes and take responsibility as well. I see no difference between Bhakts and Trumpers, they are like twin brothers who got separated in Kumbh Mela. NONE can cure or reason with Bhakts is an established fact as they will drag you to the dirtiest filth and then beat you with their gobar and mutra! Sad state of affairs and I hope and pray that India recovers and also gains wisdom to see the truth and the tangible ground reality. PS: I will not engage or reply to lies-laced rants/response here. Stay safe and best wishes.

  • Is it really a hatred? No, I would rather say, It is a FEAR! Because people like you will have to loose the ground. At the time of first wave, when we were having very few health resources, everyone saw, how he systematically handled it. We tried to give time to our health system to prepare. Of course, people criticized him that time also because of Nationwide Lock down, but see today even though we are now at better position than yesterday, states are choosing option of “Full Lock down”. Last time states were saying, we have very less authority for handling this situation. This time when states are given maximum authority, still they are blaming Central Government. Check below link how Central Government warned States, . Check AIIMS before after 2014 . Check How many MBBS seats have been added after 2014! How may government medical collages are sanctioned by his government. How generic medicines, PM Jan Aushadhi Kedra lowered expenses of people on medicines. People were hesitant to take vaccine,why? Because of the misinformation and misguidance by some people. Mam, It Is INDIA a country of 139 crore population divided into 28 states 8 Union territories with different party governments in power, and it not a easy task to manage this huge no of population. Still he/CG is co-coordinating with each and every CM personally asking them what is required and trying to fulfill it. So, does he need to do everything? People also have to support and co-operate to CG and SG to overcome this situation. People like you will never report this kind of information but will spread hatred developed from your FEAR. Defiantly, will come out of this, do not discourage people .

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