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Girls’ Best Friends: Top 5 Jewelers From India With International Appeal

Girls’ Best Friends: Top 5 Jewelers From India With International Appeal

  • India is not only the world’s largest buyer of gold for jewelry, it is also a significant producer of cut and polished diamonds.

Jewelry has a glistening sheen to it that pulls people in. After all, our need to possess beautiful things may be firmly ingrained in our DNA. Girls hope for beautiful jewelry as a gift and adorn exquisite jewels to look pretty. A piece of jewelry represents feelings, love relations among humans. Humans desire a physical reminder of their devotion to one another. Hence, more often than not, one tends to overlook the price tags when buying jewelry. At the same time, however, one has to be cautious while shopping for jewelry, making sure to watch out for fake replicas. Hence, it is essential to buy from the finest. 

Here, I will spotlight five of India’s top jewelry brands.

Jewels of India

India is the world’s largest buyer of gold for jewelry, accounting for around 75 percent of global output. It is also the world’s most significant producer of cut and polished diamonds. For a few years, jewelry-making materials have been under a lot of stress in various countries. There are two reasons behind this stress. First of all, there is an excess of raw diamonds due to producers’ inability to raise funds. Banks are putting pressure on these companies to repay their loans and are resistant to offer new credit. In reality, banks are mostly withdrawing from the diamond sector. Secondly, gold prices have risen sharply in recent months. 

These reasons must be kept in mind before judging the top five jewelers of India. 

Titan Company Ltd

Tanishq is a brand of Titan Company, the part of the well-known TATA Group. Formed in 1994, it is one of the top jewelry companies in India. A subsidiary of the Titan Corporation, the company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. A pathfinder of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry, Tanishq is India’s most reputable jewelry brand. The firm has more than 150 retail locations around the country. 

Asian Star Company Ltd.

Established in 1971, the Asian Star Company Ltd., is one of India’s top five brands. They specialize in diamond production, jewelry manufacturing, retailing, gold and platinum, and diamond-studded jewelry. The company is a fully coupled diamond manufacturer. In addition to polishing and refining diamonds, training is essential to run a company. Customers may receive jewelry design advice at the company’s store to meet their unique needs for special events.

Rajesh Exports Ltd.

Rajesh Exports Ltd was established in 1995, with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. One of India’s top five brands, designing and selling gold and jewelry are its main areas of focus. The business makes and sells jewelry to people all around the world. Gold medallions and gold bullion are available from the firm. Handmade jewelry, casting jewelry, machine chains, stamped jewelry, studded jewelry, tube jewelry, and electroformed jewelry are all company products. Under the brand name Shubh jewelers, the firm distributes gold and diamond jewelry in retail through its branded retail jewelry chain shops.

Malabar Gold Pvt Ltd.

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Malabar Group was formed in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurs lead by Mr. M. P. Ahammed, a creative genius. In the historic city of Kozhikode, Kerala, he started a jewelry trading enterprise outside of his close network in the Agri Corp industry. Since then, the group has stayed steady in its successful ventures, transforming into a strong commercial giant, thanks to Ahammed’s expertise, vision, and leadership, and has managed to preserve the brand’s golden essence. The Malabar Group’s Kozhikode headquarters shine brightly as a beacon of wealth for an empire built on trust, teamwork, and kindness.

Kalyan Jewelers India Ltd.

Kalyan Jewelers was established by T.S. Kalyan Raman in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala is one of India’s leading jewelry retail chains. A genuine gold jewelers brand, the firm sells only 100 percent hallmarked gold. The company is also famous for their “My Kalyan Mini Stores,” which are economical diamond jewelry with the highest quality diamonds. Their retail locations are in ten Indian states, one in Kuwait and three in the United Arab Emirates. In India, the firm has about 100 showrooms.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that these fabulous jewels of India – both gold and diamond – can be bought in stores as well as online. These featured jewelers sell 100 percent real gold and diamond jewelry and are perfect options if one is concerned about the quality of gems. 

Wellness, life, living, happiness, and fashion are what inspire Jamie Roy the most. She always finds interest in conveying the latest trends to people to keep them updated about the lifestyle ins and outs. Apart from writing, she focuses on getting sound knowledge through reading. Jamie is profound in fashion shoots, jewelry designs and styling up. 

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