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Anti-Sikh Hate Crimes Last Year Were at ‘the Highest Number Ever,’ FBI Statistics Reveal

Anti-Sikh Hate Crimes Last Year Were at ‘the Highest Number Ever,’ FBI Statistics Reveal

  • While there was a rise in hate crime victimizations in the Sikh, Jewish, Black, Hispanic and LGBTQ communities, anti-Asian hate crimes fell dramatically as fears over the pandemic subsided.

Religiously motivated hate crime increased significantly last year, with an increase of 7 percent from the previous year, new statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have revealed. Anti-Sikh hate crime victimizations were “the highest number ever at 198,” The Sikh Coalition said, citing the data. “Sikhs still remain the second-most targeted group in the nation for religiously motivated hate crime incidents,” the group said. Additionally, it shared statistics from other faith communities. There were “1,217 anti-Jewish hate crimes, 200 anti-Islamic hate crimes, and 29 anti-Hindu hate crimes,” the group said. 

According to the FBI report, “the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes jumped 36%” while anti-LGBTQ bias crimes rose 19% in a year, and Anti-Latino hate crimes went up 6%, and anti-Black bias crimes edged up 4%.” Over 11,634 hate crime incidents were reported in 2022, compared with 10,840 the previous year.

In a statement, President Biden said “The data is a reminder that hate never goes away, it only hides. Any hate crime is a stain on the soul of America.”

Meanwhile, anti-Asian hate crimes fell dramatically — by 34% — as fears over the pandemic subsided. Asian Americans saw major spikes in bias crimes during the pandemic as some people falsely blamed them for COVID-19. 

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Property crimes also increased significantly in 2022. Property crimes increased by 7.3%, with instances of robbery increasing by 1.3% nationwide.

The data also revealed a decrease in violent offenses dropping by 1.7%. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter decreased by 6.1% compared with the previous year. Rape and assault also decreased, by 5.4% and 1.1% respectively.

(Top photo, courtesy Sikh Coalition)

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