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The Ocean Water is Warm, and I Watch the Waves: A Child’s Poem About Seasons

The Ocean Water is Warm, and I Watch the Waves: A Child’s Poem About Seasons


Trees standing tall, longer days, brighter skies, and long Summer days.

 A smile spreads over my face like the fragrance of flowers.

Stars up in the sky and fireflies near my bedroom window.

The humming of hummingbird, yellow and red roses on the balcony.

The enchanting and captivating sight of purple flowers over the vales.

Magical summer evenings are when I take a brisk walk with Mommy.

Time for ice-cream, lots of smoothie, kayaking, and swimming.

Time to visit beaches, build sandcastles, and roll on the sand.

I sometimes become whimsical and drift away in my own thoughts.

The raging sea becomes calm as the clear blue sky turns pinkish yellow.

The ocean water is warm, and I watch the waves go up and down.

When they come crash hard on the shore, I know they are gone forever.

I marvel at these mesmerizing miracles with a sparkle in my eyes.

The look of triumph on my father’s face as he watches us swim.

My mother’s touch as she smothers me with sun cream lotion.

That’s summer for me! People playing outside and my heart beating fast.


School starts, bells ring and homework in the backpack.

The air around me carries the fallen leaves.

Mist in the skies, sometimes I walk with my eyelids shut.

The soothing sound of raindrops melts my heart.

I love the huge pumpkin patches and fragrance of cinnamon.

I hear the crisp sound of dry leaves and kids rolling on them.

Green leaves turn orange, yellow, red, and purple.

Mom gives me oversized sweaters and yummy pumpkin pie.

Home is cozy with fire and mouth-watering marshmallows.

Time of hot chocolate, cupcakes, lots of cuddles with Mommy and Daddy.

Time for Halloween, amazing costumes, and tons of candies.


Winter is here with its snowy blankets for each of us.

Snow covered mountains, barren trees, and cardinals in my backyard.

The silence of the valleys is deafening and enchanting at the same time.

Snowflakes on my hair, gloves on my tiny fingers, and winter boots on my feet.

The echoing of my words makes winter charismatic and majestic.

Birds fly south towards sunny skies with their pretty feathers fluttering.

Beautiful patterns of birds look like stars flying in the sky during the day.

Mornings are frosty and lakes near my house start to freeze.

Gloomy winter evenings are for watching movies and munching popcorn.

My thoughts dance inside my warm, sweet, and well-lit home.

My countless dreams swim in the air as Mommy makes hot noodles.

I wait for the northern lights up in the Michigan skies before falling asleep.

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I set out to build a five feet tall snow man with a gigantic nose.

Mom gives me a kiss, her green scarf , a carrot, and a wooden stick.

The snowman’s smile is alluring and that to me was priceless!

When Christmas comes, good kids like me get many presents.

School is off for two weeks and we fly to Florida for some warmth.


Leaves grow back on trees and they look absolutely gorgeous.

As tiny buds bloom, I witness flowers flourish full force.

Sun shines and melts away the stubborn snow hidden here and there.

Days are longer and you will find me playing outside a lot.

Time for Spring break and I get five days off from school.

Dandelions in the air and we start wearing shorts and t-shirts.

Cherry blossom, beautiful tulips, and breathtaking big roses.

Time to clean the garage, get my bike ready and fresh flowers on the island table.

I love the smell of earth after rain as I watch my parents work in the garden.

I thrive on fresh air, pink strawberry lemonade, and big hyacinth flowers.

Mommy says joyful smiles of kids are the best things to behold.

Birds singing, Robin’s nest on the maple tree in front of my house.

Spring makes its regal presence known to every kid in the neighborhood.

Anmol Alva is a third grader at Haisley Elementary School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Apart from writing poetry, Anmol plays piano and does horseback riding.

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