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‘Sach is Life’ Starring Kriti Kulhari and Jim Sarbh to Tell the True Story of an Indian American Family’s Struggle and Resilience

‘Sach is Life’ Starring Kriti Kulhari and Jim Sarbh to Tell the True Story of an Indian American Family’s Struggle and Resilience

  • Written and directed by Harsh Mahadeshwar, the film begins shooting around April next year.

Actress Kirti Kulhari believes in the power of telling true stories. “As an actor, when I get to be in someone else’s shoes, even if it’s for a while, it just opens up my mind and my heart to so much that people are going through.” The versatile actress was speaking with American Kahani at a recent event in New York City announcing her upcoming film  “Sach is Life,” her first international debut. 

The film is written and directed by Harsh Mahadeshwar, and produced by Rahul Bhat and Romila Saraf Bhat of Red Bison Productions, and is a true story centered around the Munshi family, based in Albany, New York. The Munshis relocated from India to the United States to save their son Sachin, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  

The team of “Sach is Life” at the film’s announcement at Goa restaurant in New York City on Oct. 16. From left, co-producers Raja Starr, Sachin Koul, and Sonia Nagpal, lead actress Kirti Kulhari, producers Romila Saraf and Rahul Bhat, and writer and director Harsh Mahadeshwar.
(Photo: Jose Genao)

Kulhari plays the mother, Daisy Munshi, who is determined to provide her son the life that he rightfully deserves, regardless of his condition, and the odds she overcame to ensure that. The “Four More Shots Please” actress is joined by actor Jim Sarbh who will be seen as Dr. Upender Munshi, the father. 

According to Mahadeshwar, “Sach is Life is “more than just a film, it’s a tribute to the invincible human spirit and the infinite potential that resides within each one of us.” The project entailed over two years of extensive research and several meetings with the family, he told American Kahani. Although the subject of the film is serious, he promised that the film is “fun,” highlighting the family’s ability to see the lighter side of every challenging situation they face.

Audience at the event were treated to a video of the family, offering a glimpse into their life, and also anecdotes from a neighbor and a SUNY professor who taught Sachin Munshi. Sarbh sent a recorded message since he couldn’t attend in person due to prior commitments. He said the film is “incredibly uplifting,” and he’s “excited to be a part of this extremely heartwarming and inspirational story of resilience, dedication, and belief.” 

Bhat thought of a story on the family after he connected with Sachin Munshi on Facebook. He expressed interest in telling their story and requested a meeting. That’s when he got Mahadeshwar on board, and the two of them drove to Upstate New York to meet with the family and after several meetings, the script began taking shape. 

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Filming begins around April 2024 and the film will be shot in Kashmir, New Delhi, New Orleans, New Jersey, and New York.

Right before the Oct. 16 announcement, Kulhari met with the family as well and spent a weekend with them. She discussed every scene with Daisy Munshi to understand her emotions and her thought process as she adapted to life in a new country and faced many challenges raising her son and ensuring that he gets to flourish and shine. 

Kulhari applauded the family for having the courage to tell their story. “We are all guarding our lives, our stories, our secrets so much that we don’t like talking about it, even to a friend.” But when the Munshi family told the team they were okay to tell their story, “it immediately puts you in a position of responsibility,” she said. “It is not very difficult to relate to any story which is human,” she added. “If I can’t connect to people’s emotions — be it sorrow, pain, happiness, or a celebration — then, what am I doing being an actress.” 

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