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Thank You, Dad! I Love You and Happy Father’s Day!

Thank You, Dad! I Love You and Happy Father’s Day!

I am so appreciative to have my father in my life. Now he is retired, but throughout his life, my father has been an exceptional businessman. I feel privileged to have been able to grow up in an environment where I had the opportunity to see how my father’s success as a businessman influenced his success as a leader in his community, despite being an immigrant to a new country with only $8 in his pocket. 

I love how he proudly describes his first job in America as being a busboy at Top of the 6’s, a lavish restaurant with the address 666 Park Avenue, allowing him to save up for his education such that he could obtain his master’s in structural and civil engineering.

To see how far he has come now having built his empire as an entrepreneur is truly astonishing and I have so much pride and gratitude when I think of all that my father has accomplished.  

Seeing my parents leave their stable 9-5 jobs to build businesses from the ground up and seeing how all of that came together was exceptional training for me in life and as an entrepreneur. 

I got to see through my father’s success how running businesses in a prosperous way-adhering to codes, strictly adhering to federal rules and regulations, implementing an organized method of financial accountability come tax season and surprise audits, dealing with lawsuits, and crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s, allows for options that other people don’t have access to. 

By taking himself seriously and really showing up to exceptional mastery in areas of business and through a financially responsible expansion of his assets, he was able to experience the freedom of options in his life that many people do not have, and he was able to provide that for his family. 

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I’m so grateful for his drive and business acumen that afforded me the opportunities of attending private schools and access to higher education throughout my life such that I too would be able to access as many options as possible to improve the quality of the way I live my life. Thank you, Dad! I love you and Happy Father’s Day!

Dr. Suparna Saha is the author of “50 Shades of Domestic Violence: A Deeper Look at Social Etiquette and How We All Contribute.” She will star in the upcoming reality TV show “Miss Active Pear” on Apple TV as part of the series Rising Talents.

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