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Rich Indian American Threatens to Kill Dock Worker While Attempting to Park His Lamborghini Yacht at San Diego Marina

Rich Indian American Threatens to Kill Dock Worker While Attempting to Park His Lamborghini Yacht at San Diego Marina

  • The incident occurred when entrepreneur Ajay Thakore was told not park his $4.5 million luxury yacht at a private harbor.

California-based entrepreneur Ajay Thakore threatened to kill a young dock worker during a heated argument from his multimillion-dollar yacht. He also dropped his pants and made several threatening gestures to the employee, SanDiegoVille reported.

The incident occurred on March 10 in downtown San Diego when Thakore, who goes by his social media name, Ace Rogers, attempted to dock his $4.5 million Lamborghini 63 yacht at the private Marriott Marquis Marina to pick up someone, but he was stopped by 21-year-old Joseph Holt who works at Seaforth Boat Rentals, who told him he couldn’t park there. 

That’s when the altercation began. A now viral video circulating on social media shows Thakore yelling obscenities at Holt, and throwing money in the water to swim after. “I’ll kill you! I will kill you! You know I’ll kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you!,” he is heard saying in the video. “Yeah, I doubt it! Ace Rogers, call me! Time and place,” Holt responded.

Holt later told CBS 8 that he “respectfully” told Thakore that he couldn’t be there. “I honestly was hoping to have a conversation with him about his cool boat,” he added. “But yeah, it completely went the other way.” 

The news channel also received a statement from Thakore, sent by his public relations team. “The interaction that occurred yesterday was regrettable,” it read. “What started as a minor misunderstanding escalated into an argument, and I apologize for my actions and to those who witnessed the unfortunate exchange.”

According to SanDiegoVille, his Lamborghini yacht is named “Aspen & Delilah”  after his daughter and a three-legged dog. It is currently docked in the downtown San Diego Bay Area, and maintained by a crew made up of 20-30 people. He owns Gopher Media LLC (also known as Doctor Multimedia) and Local Clicks Digital Marketing.

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Thakore made headlines in 2021 when he was publicly accused of harassing American Pizza Manufacturing in La Jolla, California. The founder of the take-and-bake pizzeria, Andrew Melone, told local media at the time that he originally dealt with defaming social media posts and negative comments on review sites about his establishment. He told the media that he also found two vehicles parked in the spaces directly in front of his store, covered with decals reading “Take N Bake Pizza Sucks.” He also reported a plane flying over the area pulling a banner with messages panning his business. He also allegedly targeted the restaurant next to Malone’s called Carino’s, an business opened in 1972 which has since permanently closed its doors, SanDiegoVille reported. 

In response to Melone’s public accusations, Thakore and Gopher Media LLC filed a lawsuit against Malone, “claiming that they were exercising their first amendment right against Melone and his pizzeria after experiencing racially motivated mistreatment,” SanDiegoVille reported. American Pizza Manufacturing counter-sued, accusing Thakore of “relentless and ongoing campaign of harassment” against the restaurant. The lawsuits filed in the San Diego County Superior Court Register of Actions remain ongoing.

But this is not the only lawsuit against Thakore. Nautilus Tavern in San Diego’s Bird Rock community of La Jolla has counter-sued him after he filed a complaint against the parent company that owns the tavern. In the lawsuit, Thakore accused the restaurant of discriminating against him. In its coolant against Thakore, Nautilus Tavern claiming that Thakore took part in stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with prospective economic relations and negligent interference with prospective economic relations. They also accused Thakore of urinating on the floor of their bar. The civil case management between the tavern and Thakore is scheduled for June 28.

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